Friday, November 4, 2011

Goin' Back To Cali...

Hi Beauties. Happy Friday!

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday. Hubby & I left yesterday afternoon for California, & were traveling through the night. All checked in now & are warm & cozy in our bed. Our first time back since we moved to Texas, 6 months ago now, and it's so weird that "home" is no longer here. Happy to say that though. Even though I was born, raised & lived here my entire life...Texas is now home, and I absolutely love it there! Especially since my Sister will be joining us very soon too! So so excited about that! Now...if only we could convince my Brother. But for some reason, leaving Kauai for Texas is not that appealing to him (Ha Ha), especially since he's a Surf Instructor for a living! His only question..."How are the waves in Texas? " LOL. And you know the answer to that! That's ok though. As much as I want him right next door to me...we don't mind going to visit him one bit! 

Hubby's Grandpa is celebrating his 90th. Birthday tomorrow night (so excited about that), and we'll be golfing with our favorite Customers/Friends & celebrating our 1st. year Anniversary on Sunday. I'll spend Monday with my Sissy, and then we'll be on our way back home! Just a real quick trip this time. We'll be back again in a couple of weeks & on that trip...hopefully I'll get to see you, Kori! Totally planning on that! And of course...I need to see you Aunt Nancy & Mariah, and a few other of my absolute favorites! 

Saw this on Pinterest & it couldn't be more true! Ha Ha.

"You know you're a Texan when...
You take a road trip & the longest part is getting out of your own state."

Sure hope all of you are wonderful & that you have a perfect weekend!
See you lovelies tomorrow!
Sweet Dreams.

California Dreamin'

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Kori Donahue said...

How exciting you're here!!! I wish you had the time to meet time? I miss you! Kori xoxo