Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For The Love Of Carrie

Who doesn't love Carrie Underwood, right?

Her Looks

Her Heart

 Her Voice

Those LEGS

And the greatest tribute...I've ever seen!

Keep doin' your thang, girl! 

I'm off to work out now! 
Ha Ha.

As Beautiful/Talented/Motivational...As It Gets,


Heather said...

I know, I know those legs!!! They are amazing. She is so beautiful. I can't help but think that being vegan contributes to her beautiful skin and lean body. If you haven't heard her sing How Great Thou Art...better google that one. It is great! Love ya!

Veronika said...

I would die for them! =) Well...not really. LOL! Just need to work as hard as she does for them, that's all. And you are right. It HAS to have something to do with that. I've always been borderline vegetarian, so maybe I should go all the way & watch my legs transform! Ha Ha. I mean, I like meat, but have to talk myself into it. If I think about's over. =) would be really easy for me to give up. Fruits & Veggies...impossible. =) And the's right here. =) BEST ONE ...BY FAR! =) We are SO twins! =) I love you too. SO SO much. Sweet Dreams, Beautiful. XO

Heather said...

Haha! How did I miss the song? I think I got distracted by those legs!

Veronika said...

LOL! No worries at all, Sweetheart! It's VERY easy to do! =) Love you! Happy Friday! XO