Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Saga Continues...

I get it now.
All the hype. All the excitement. All the fans.
It took B & I a week before the 3rd one (Eclipse) came finally see the first one! 
We didn't get it then, and actually had no desire to see a movie about vampires.
Boy were we wrong.
We loved it. And we've been hooked ever since.
The love story. The looks. As beautiful and it gets. 
Since we waited 10 years to see the first one...we decided we'll wait until Sunday or Monday (day) see this one. 
It's gonna be INSANE out there! 
SO excited to see that this is a "Part.1".
You know what that means???
More to come!
Are you a fan?
Team Edward? Team Jacob? Hey...Team Bella? He He.
Going tomorrow?
Who's excited?

Get Your Twilight On!

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