Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Still Here...

And I have missed you more than you know!
Sometimes life gets busy.
The stacks get higher, and the lists gets longer.
You go in & out of town, time changes, and days seem shorter & shorter.
And if you don't stop & look could miss it! Ha Ha. 
Hurry trivia! LOL! 

No but really...I have missed you so much!
Please accept my sincerest apologies for being MIA for way too long!
Starting now...I'm back & in action!
Have so much catching up to's INSANE!
Over 3,000 emails to check, text messages from September to respond to, cards & packages to send, decorations to take down & then put to-do list is to the moon! 
Deep breath, and one check mark at a time! those of you I've yet to respond to, you're on my list & I will...ASAP! 

For starters...

A huge, warm welcome to my newest followers! Every time I see a new heart is filled with joy! Really, truly...makes my every day! Thank you, with all of my heart...for being here...and for being a part of our little kandy family! We ALL...welcome you with open arms & I look forward to getting to know, and to love...each & every one of you! I have reached 100 followers/friends (Yeay!), so you know what that's time to celebrate! GIVEAWAY TIME! Stay tuned! 2 giveaways are right around the corner! A "Thank You" & a "Fall Doll", and you don't want to miss them...promise! are the sweetest, cutest, epitome of a "girl's girl", the history of friends! I got your ADORABLE tweets & saw all of your love & support for my little bloggie growing! You are much too sweet & I thank God for your very special part in my life. I couldn't love you more. I read that you sent me an email, but I haven't read it yet. Haven't even seen it actually. Have to go through a lot of weeds to get to the flowers in my cyber world! Tomorrow is tackle tasks day though & emails are high on my list! I'll get back to you asap! And...I got your insanely sweet Halloween card & it meant/ much more than you know! I am a huge fan of snail mail (one of my very favorite things, actually) & it totally made my day! Wait....I forgot who I was talking to for a minute! You know that, that's why you sent it! He He. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love you to heaven, Belle! 

Melonie...your post/email/pictures...were/are...the sweetest, made my heart smile, things...ever! Your Daughter with the mug, your Daughter on the mug, your oh so sweet words, every ounce of your excitement & gratitude...made my entire month! Thank you so so much for sharing your beautiful heart, with me...and on your blog. SO SO happy it helped make your Halloween a little extra special & that you were able to share with all of those that you love! Makes me wanna have a giveaway...every day! I will still reply to your email & post...asap!

Kori...I miss you, love you, and am always thinking of you! And...on our next trip to CA (December 8-18) are high on my "to-see" list! Would love to meet up! Sure hope you're wonderful, Sweetheart! all my girls that I share comments with...I miss you all too, and am excited to be back in the game.  I look forward to reading all of your latest posts & catching up on all that's been going on in your lives.  Oh & before I forget...I still have no idea how to do FF's on Twitter, and so wish I could return the love to all of you. Even though I can't type's in my heart. my free time...I'll get right on that too! Ha Ha. I know what FF means, I just don't know how to add a lot of names at one time! I'll figure it day! For now...just know how much I appreciate the love & I love you all the very same! 

Sure hope everyone is wonderful & all of your hearts are happy!
Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend & that you're all ready to conquer this brand new week ahead! 

Have a beautiful night & I'll see you beauties tomorrow!
Huge Hug to you!

Lists & Love,


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hope all is well! Welcome back, we're glad you're back in action :)

Veronika said...

Awww...thank you so much, Leeann! You were one of the ones I was speaking of! =) Thank you for always being so sweet! Sure hope you're wonderful too! Have a great week! XO

Heather said...

You are very, very welcome for the tweets and the card! Of course I know you love mail! :) You would tweet for me if I was at 98!!! I know you would. What can I say? I love you! I think you are a very special person. You deserve every happiness! Blogging isn't nearly as fun without our chats. Seriously glad you are back! Hugs!

Veronika said... are making my eyes leak! =( I JUST NOW saw this comment for some reason & I just LOVE LOVE LOVE you! But you already knew that! =) We've been in love for a long time now. =) EVERY word you speak is EXACTLY how I feel about you, and I couldn't agree more about blogging. Without you on this journey with would never be the same. I look forward to every post/comment, and us growing as bloggers...and as friends. I am SO excited about your new link up & I am always here to support you, and to join anything you wanna start/join! =) Count me in...ALWAYS! =) It's SO good to be back & I will try my absolute never be gone again! Even if my posts have to be one sentence! =) LOL. I love you so much & am SO looking forward to being lifelong friends. Thank you, for the beautiful gift of you. I am eternally grateful to you...and for you. XO

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