Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Day In L.A.

So far...so great. 
But...it's time to go "home".
So crazy that that place is no longer California. The place where we were born, raised, & lived all of our life's dreams...until now. 
As much as we've enjoyed our visit & we have enjoyed our visit...home is now in Texas, and we couldn't miss it more! 
Of course we miss our babies (Fur-babies, D&G) more than life, we also miss our home, but more importantly...we miss our (new) home town!
We love everything about Texas & are so happy with the choice we made to move there. 
Wherever your home is...I pray it's filled with everything & everyone...you love most.
Because after all...there really is...no place like it!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful week!
You are loved, appreciated, & always wished the absolute world!
HUGE Hug to you! 

Homeward Bound,


mandell said...

Hi! I'm a proud Texan (have you met a Texan that isn't? doubtful!) and so excited to have anyone in this state that loves it as much as the rest of us! Enjoy the new journey!

New follower! I'm excited to see what all you share about SA. I will likely be moving there in the next year or so!

Stop by and say hi!


Anonymous said...

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Veronika said...

mandell...what a VERY sweet comment & Texas welcome! =) Thank you so very much! See what I mean? =) I just LOVE it here! =) And...I KNOW you will too (SA)! =) We'll definitely have to keep in touch, & as soon as I get ALL settled...I'll be out & about and exploring...so I'll have a lot more about it to post! So far...so great though! =) I will do you guys proud...promise! =) I'm pretty sure I'm following you now too, but I'll double check to be sure. Thanks so much for your kindness...and for being here! =) XO