Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday


That I have THE WORLD'S BEST Husband & that even though we are spending our first months as Newlyweds...not so "ideal"...(me on house arrest due to only God knows what (Ha Ha) & him with the flu now)...I am thankful to need & be needed. I've never been one to need/ask for much, but it's amazing what happens when you do. It's one of the few times in life when you know if you can truly count on someone. These are the times when you feel TRULY loved & TRULY able to be...loving. Bobby has passed this test with flying colors & I feel even closer to him now. And...I am so happy to be returning the favor now. It's a never ending slumber party, with my absolute best friend! That part of being home...I ABSOLUTELY ADORE. I found this picture that made me smile. Me & B...on the beach...50 years from now! Ha Ha

How cute are they? I LOVE it! When you look at life through their um...eyes (Ha Ha)...a few months at home are just a blink in time. It'll all be over before I know it & I'll be all better again! This time though...I won't take ANY moment of my life...or getting "all" ready in the mornings...for granted.

I am so thankful for my Beautiful Brother & Sister who always call to check on me, see if I need anything... If you have anyone in your life who calls YOU to see how you're doing, doesn't ask for anything, but is just genuinely calling about YOU...hold them EXTRA TIGHT!!! They are few and far between & one of life's most precious treasures.

I am so thankful for my Parents, who love me & think I am the greatest thing on earth! Faults & two people have ever made me feel more loved. If 2 days go by, and we haven't talked...they are already on the phone saying they miss me. If I've JUST left their house...they are already asking when the next visit will be this absolutely, well...indescribable. I thank God for my family EVERY SINGLE day & I will cherish them...always.

I am so thankful for my furry family that I can't imagine life without! My precious babies...Dolce & Gabbana. I prayed for pets that would cuddle with me on the couch & let me love them to pieces...and that is EXACTLY what we've got! These little souls bring so much joy to our lives & we couldn't love them more. We watch them play for hours, groom each other, cuddle...they are TO DIE FOR! Ha Ha. We are one,  oh so happy...little family.

I am so thankful that this is our office...


Especially since I would have been fired a month ago if I couldn't leave my house! Ha Ha. 

To be able to work from home, especially with my B right by my well...again...indescribable. Every day I wake up I feel so so blessed & have to admit...I have wondered a lot, "why me", you know? SO many people are suffering, parents out of work with a family to heart just aches. We ALL have our cross to bear, and no one's life is without pain, struggle, etc...but some people just seem to have it better than others. I don't know why that is, and it isn't fair...but I just have to believe that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. Bobby & I are firm believers that "as we become blessed...we have to be blessings" (Dallin Larsen, Monavie's Founder & CEO), and the only way I can justify this life God has chosen for to do just that. Give every sense of the word. That is my life's mission. I want to make this ALL of your office! Click on my "changing the world" link & I can show you how. I would give the world to make that possible! My Motto..."Live to Give"! 

Stay home with me & the by far...YET TO BE,


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