Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cotton Candy Craving

Hey Gorgeous Sweethearts!

I am IN LOVE with anything sweet smelling (who am I kidding...tasting too! Ha Ha), so my new favorite perfume & body spray are...

Perfume is called "DELICIOUS" COTTON CANDY by. Gale Hayman & the Body Spray is just plain COTTON CANDY by. Prince Matchabelli. Perfume is an adorable addition to your vanity & Body Spray is perfectly light weight to carry in your purse for a mid day pick me up! They both are so so yummy & so so pink! Love them both! I also love PINK SUGAR & have worn it for years, but this perfume is a little more subtle & more just "cotton candy-ish". Ha Ha. Not as many other "notes" I guess. Just pure sugary fun!

Here's to smelling & feeling like a kid at a carnival again,

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