Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pay It Forward

One of the best examples of Random Acts of Kindness is found in one of my favorite movies of all time...PAY IT FORWARD. If you haven't yet seen most! Great moral & all around great movie.

 Here's a little preview...


I made these little cards a few years ago (as you call tell by the MySpace Account) & carry them with me every day. Whenever someone does something nice to me, or for me...I give them one to thank them, but to also remind them to Pay It Forward the next time it happens to them. I always dreamed of passing out so many, that one would be returned to me. He He. I still have the templates, and one of my old friends from High School, who is now a Teacher...used them to teach this lesson to her class! Made me so happy! What a beautiful, wonderful, life changing concept & oh so easy to follow! It's so amazing that the things you do for others...impacts you the most!

Front of card. Says PIF in the center.

Back of card.


Wherever love is is received.

Give love today & look for opportunities to Pay it Forward. One of Bobby & I's favorite things to do is in any for the person behind you. Tell the person at the counter that you want to of course pay for yours, but also for the order in the car behind you. Imagine their surprise when they get up to the window to pay, and it's already paid for! Maybe they were feeling down, had given up faith in the good in the world, maybe it was their last money...either will make them smile & always...make their day. On one particular day, I was in the drive-through line at Starbucks, and I told the lady to please pay for the car behind me & I couldn't believe what she said..."You are the third person today that has done that!" How awesome is that! That in itself...totally made my day! To know that there are other people out there...doing the same. While in Texas visiting my Parents, B & I went to the Starbucks drive-though there, and got up to the window to pay...and guess what??? Yep...the car in front of us paid for us! It was the very first time that has happened to us & we couldn't believe it! We were so happy, and wanted to return the favor so bad...the next time we ate dinner when we got home at Chili's (B LOVES Chili's)...we paid for the family next to us. BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! have to make sure you leave before them, and that the server never tells. It's SO much better that way. Just a wonderful, unexpected moment in the middle of an ordinary day. Do as little or as much as you can. It's the gesture...not the amount. To help people to once again, believe in the beauty of this one of life's greatest gifts! you become must be a blessing.

HUGE Hugs & Happiness in the drive-through,

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