Friday, February 25, 2011

Texas Tales

Hi Y'all! (Ha Ha) B & I are still in Texas, visiting my Parents for the week(s) & let me just tell you how much we LOVE this place! Ever since they moved here 3 years ago (San Antonio Area), we've thought about moving here & absolutely love it! The people are the nicest people you'll ever meet, the scenery/land is to die for, the "friends" as we call them (deer, squirrels, ...) are EVERYWHERE, and the cost of living compared to California...INSANE! On one of our previous visits, we discovered a community near San Antonio called Anaqua Springs & we've found so many houses we love! Our Realtor told us that Tony Parker & Eva Longoria live in here too. Or should I say did live here. Just a fun fact, if you like either of them. Ha Ha. Here's one of the houses in this community, so you can see what we've been looking at all day today! Absolutely beautiful! 

We are SERIOUSLY considering making the move & are waiting to hear from our Realtor about a couple we really liked today. I'll keep you posted! Just might be a Little Cowgirl after all! Ha Ha. Here are a few more reasons Texas is the place to be...


Considering B & I are HUGE Basketball/Laker fans...we're gonna have to go to the Laker/Spurs games! Hopefully they won't "boo" us too much! Ha Ha! 

I love me some daisy dukes, some leather/fringe & all Cowgirl Getup! Ha Ha. 

And you KNOW how much I love my Cowboys Cheerleaders! CUTEST OUTFITS...EVER!!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some boots! 

But of FAVORITE part of my BIG TEXAS HAIR!  You know my motto..."The Higher The Hair...The Closer To God"! Ha Ha Ha. They'll think I was born & bred here!

So you never know...The Lone Star State just might be our next big adventure! Wherever the road takes us is where we're meant to be! 

HUGE Texas Sized Hugs & Hair,


Beth said...

Love it!!!! I've thought about moving there eventually as well! ...And so has my best friend Elvia! We can start a new California/Texas connection out there! =)

Veronika said...

YEEEAAYYY!!! That would be AWESOME! Brunch? =) Love you. XO