Monday, February 14, 2011

Hugs, Kisses & Valentine Wishes

Good Morning, Valentines! 

I hope you woke up to the beautiful face of someone you love, and even if you're still woke up to your beautiful face. Speaking of loving someone...since this is my first official "Mr. & Mrs." Valentine's Day, with my brand new Hubby, Bobby, and it is a day of love...I just want to give a little shout out to him & share with you all the many reasons he makes my heart sing! To tell you a little bit about us, I'll share "Our Story" he wrote on our Wedding Website. It reads...

Once Upon A Time...

Veronika and Bobby started in Downey, CA at an Elementary school named Rio Hondo. Veronika is the younger sister of Verenia Ohanian and Verenia and I were in the same grade. I never really knew Veronika until Junior High at Griffith Middle School. Still she and I weren’t very close I knew who she was and she knew who I was but we never hung out. My eighth grade year and Veronika’s 7th grade year she and her family moved away to Upland, CA. I never saw Veronika again. I ran into her sister every now and again at clubs but never Veronika. Until that one day when I got a phone call from a mutual friend Gio. He says to me what you doing tonight I say nothing why; he says me and some friends are going to Sutra a night club in Costa Mesa at that time I wasn’t a big fan of that club until he says but Veronika and Verenia are going to be there. I said OK!!! I called up my buddy Aaron and we went to the club. We got there a little early so when Veronika and the gang walked up they didn’t even recognize me standing there. Veronika came over gave me a hug. I remember saying to my buddy man she is HOT she is all grown up. So we go inside the club and immediately I start talking to Veronika I asked her to dance she says yes and off to the dance floor we went. We danced like we were the only two people on that dance floor. We held hands and talked like we had been hanging out for years. After that night I knew I wanted to be with her. So we exchanged numbers and I remember I even called her that night to make sure she got home ok. I was in LOVE. So we talked for about a month we went out a few times never once did I get a KISS I didn’t even try I wanted to take this one slow. After about two months she stopped answering my phone calls. I had no idea what I did or what was going on. So I moved on. So about a year and a half had gone by no word from Veronika not even a call. When one day I was eating lunch with a customer at Boston’s in Rancho Cucamonga when I looked up and saw her (Veronika) standing at the hostess both. I said Veronika she looked around like who is calling my name. I walked up to her said hi and she was very nice to me. She gave me a hug and we talked for a bit. Come to find out we were in the same work industry now. So she introduced me to her Boss and a few coworkers. They asked me to stop by there work to see about some business, of course I said yes. At no time did I think I was going to get back into Veronika’s life. So we met a few times at her office about business and did lunch a few times never did we talk about us only business. Mind you I’m in a relationship this whole time. Then one day Veronika tells me that she is ready. I say ready for what? She says to be with you. I was totally blown away I didn’t know what to say or do. So we went on a couple more lunch dates I felt myself falling in LOVE with her all over again. So one day I came clean before anything happen and told her I was in a relationship but I wanted out. She says to me “you do what you have to do and if its meant to be it will be” I was like OK. So that night I went home and ended things with my ex and Veronika and I have been together ever since. There was no way I was going to let her get away twice. I knew she was the one from the very beginning. Now we are Team BV. We are each other’s best friend and we do everything together. A true Bonnie and Clyde story.

Team BV Forever!!!


How precious is he? I just wanna SQUEEZE him to death! Ha Ha. I love you, my beautiful B. With ALL that lives inside of me & everything else that doesn't fit! 

However you choose to spend your day, make sure to relax, indulge, & celebrate like the Goddess you are! 

And if you REALLY want to celebrate like a Goddess...check out this INSANELY BEAUTIFUL tub!

Can you say AH-MAZE-ING! Gotta add THIS to my Dream Board! Ha Ha. TO DIE FOR!!!

"The Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner took the artist three years to complete and features 44,928 rose pink Swarovski crystals that have been hand-affixed in place on a stunning 19th century-style cast-iron claw foot bathtub."

Eat something yummy, and NEVER forget how VERY loved you are. Whether you're single, or madly in love...this day is just about that...LOVE. Love your Family, Love your Friends (furry or otherwise) & MOST of YOU! However you step out tonight, step out with THE BIGGEST smile on your face & celebrate the beautiful Doll that you are! 

This is how I'd be steppin' out tonight...IF I had these shoes...and IF I was leaving my house! Ha Ha Ha.
If anyone knows where to get these...HOLLA AT YA GIRL! 

NEVER be sad if you don't have a Valentine. It could be worse. You could be a brand new Newlywed, Married to the love of your life...and not be able to leave the damn house! Ha Ha. Don't feel bad for me though, soon as I'm all better...I'm painting the town EVERY color of the nobody's business! Ha Ha Ha. 

From my computer & heart, to yours...Happy Happy Valentine's Day! 

Bobby...Here's to our very first Mr. & Mrs. Valentine's Day, and to ALL of's to you & a LIFETIME of...LOVE! 

Love in your heart & some sparkle...somewhere,

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