Monday, February 14, 2011

Confessions of a Grade School Casanova

Once upon a time in every Elementary School in the land, children would make special "heart pouches" for Valentine's Day & attach it to the back of their chairs & wait & see who would profess their love to them. I just told Bobby how awesome it was that now that we're Married (and of course, WAY out of grade school) ... I never again have to worry if my crush put a Valentine in my little homemade heart behind my desk chair. Ha Ha

In today's times...these little "heart pouches" have made a huge upgrade to these adorable little Valentine backpacks, with plenty of room to fit all of your adorable love notes! 

Googling "Home Made" Valentines lead me to these pictures. As you can clearly see...times...they are a changin' more ways than one! 

"Home Made Valentines" circa 1985...

"Home Made Valentines" circa 2005...

Ha Ha. Wow. The times of...

seem to be a thing of the past. For those of you who have kids in elementary school now, I pray that things  are as sweet & innocent as they were back then. How precious those times in our lives are. No matter how old we get though...never forget that the best Valentines will always be the ones made from your own 2 little (or grown up) hands. 

Off to finish mine! Sweet Dreams. 

Praying we never lose our childhood innocence,

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