Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart Day Recap

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! From our home & ♥ ' ALL of yours. XO...The Welt's.


Beautiful Flowers from my Beautiful Sister & her Z! Love you...BOTH!.


My Beautiful Babies.


My Favorite Part. ♥

No seriously...can someone please tell my Husband he got his holidays all mixed up!
Valentines? THIS IS CHRISTMAS!!! I'm STILL in shock!

I am IN LOVE with this card. FOR SURE gonna frame it! ♥

The watch I've been wanting, but never expected. I ♥ ♥ ♥ that it's all gold. Even the face!

Gabbana can't believe it either!
I know Dolce...there was even MORE!

Gabbana. My other favorite guy. 

What a PERFECT 1st. Valentine's Day as Mr. & Mrs. ! PJ's, B, D&G, my AMAZING gifts...Heaven. B is still sick, and my eyes are still healing, so it was a cozy, no line waiting, no reservations making...wonderful day with my happy little Family. Ha Ha. Thank you, my Beautiful B...for making me the happiest, luckiest girl on earth! I truly do feel like a Princess, living in my own little fairytale. A place where Happily Ever Afters...really do exist. For those of you that haven't found your Prince/Princess yet...NEVER give up. They are out there...I promise, and they can't wait to meet you! Keep the faith. Whether or not you spent this day with someone or is a day of love, and I pray that each one of your hearts were FILLED with it! 

From my ♥ to yours, 

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