Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Years of Bliss & Counting...

On this day, two years ago...I married my very Best Friend.
Side by side we've braved the dragons, lived the dream, & written a tale of a true forever love.
I love him with all that lives inside of me...and everything else that doesn't fit.
Some days I wanna choke the shyt outta him, but most...SQUEEZE the shyt outta him! HA HA! (Don't worry…he'd say the same thing)! 
For those that say soul mates don't fight...they lied.
For those that say you make up like crazy...they told the truth.
Being married is not a wedding day. It's a journey, made up of every days.
Some are wonderful. Some suck. But EVERY day...there's no where else you'd rather be.
Don't marry the person you can live with. Marry the one you could never live without.
We are a team & we're in this to win this!
He's the absolute love of my life & the answer to my every prayer.
Would I do it all over again today?
In a heartbeat.
I love you to heaven, my Beautiful B, and I never want to know what I would ever do without you.
Happy 2 Year Anniversary!
Here's to us… and a lifetime more...everything. 

For those of you who weren't able to be there, 
here's a little glimpse into our...Happily Ever After.

What was shown at our Reception.

From Me...to We.
A "shortened" version of our Wedding Video.

And If You're Interested…Here are 2 Giveaways I'm currently hosting!

A Mini One ...

And This...Not So Mini One!

Happy Tuesday, Beauties!
Hope it's wonderful!

Still...Truly, Madly, Deeply...Head Over Heels...In Love,


Jennifer said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Your husband is a very lucky man! Here's to a lifetime of happiness!!!


The Balch Bunch said...

Happy Anniv Doll!

K said...

Yay!!!! Happy Anniversary Darlings!!!! Finding love is hard and those who do are truly blessed!!! Congrats on 2years and Good Luck on 100 more <3

Carolyn said...

So cute!! :) Happy anniversary!

Susan Liberatore said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary. I feel like I was there! {wish I really was...man, it's beautiful where you were married}
We're 15 years on the 16th of this month. Eeek. I got married at 15 in case you were wondering.

rafaq nahid said...