Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Find Your Sexy" Giveaway!

Ok Beauties…this one's for you!
This is for reaching 350+ Followers/Friends, kind of for Thanksgiving too, because I'm running out of time to host a whole separate one (insane) & because I love you, of course. 
It's so easy in life, especially as women…to get wrapped up in caring for others (Family, Friends, Kids, Spouses, Boyfriend/Girlfriends…) & forget to take the time for us. It's so important to feel as sexy & beautiful & confident…as possible! The better you feel…the happier you'll be! Ever notice how fast your mood can change when you put on a cute outfit, wear your favorite new make up, or get your nails done…every little bit counts! Of course the people you're with benefit too, but most importantly…happiness comes & starts from within! Here's to all of you, & "Finding Your Sexy"... Or keeping it. May you always feel as beautiful as you are! 

Here's How to Enter!

First & Foremost...

You must be a Follower of my Blog & not just a reader. He He. You have to click "Join This Site" & become an addition to the beautiful, smiling faces...on the left side of my blog! I know a lot of you are unsure as to why you have to "join this site" aka "follow", instead of just reading, but in the blogging world...the only way we gain creditability is by how many "documented" readers/followers we have. It's kinda like reading a magazine in line at the store, but never buying it! LOL! Hope that makes sense. Don't worry won't be bombarded with emails/notifications, etc. In won't even receive one! So even if you're a guy & want to win any of my giveaways for a special someone in your are more than welcome as well! 

The above & below are a must to be eligible & the additional 3 are extra! 


1) Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook HERE
2) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter HERE
 3) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt"  on Facebook HERE
4) Follow "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin HERE
 5) Leave a comment on this page with your full name, & how many entries you've entered.

*Blog about this Giveaway- 2 extra entries
*Tweet about this Giveaway- 1 extra entry
*Facebook this Giveaway- 1 extra entry    


Giveaway will close on Friday, November 23rd at Midnight (Texas Time) & is open world wide! 


And don't forget this one too…

Have a beautiful night.
I Love & Appreciate you!

Lovin' All My Sexy Kandy Girls ,


Miranda M. said...

I've been following your blog from the beginning, and reading on bloglovin, I can't believe how much your readership has grown that's awesome! I mean...who wouldn't wan to follow your lovely blog, you're so endearing in these posts :)

Miranda M. -
I did entries 1, 2, 3, 4 (well..redid haha)

keep on blogging you're so positive

Miranda M. said...

oh, and unrelated, I love the rose petals that's such a cute touch hehe

Rene~ said...

you are such an inspiration. i have said that every time i post something onto you but its so true. keep doing what your doing. i have 9 entries and im crossing my fingers!! :)

Kori said...

Enter me please honey! Love yoU!!!!! Kori xoxo

Alexandra Hummel said...

Done, done, and done! 8 entries! Hope you're doing well, Veronika!

Stay lovely!

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower of your blog.

I like your FB blog page.

I follow you on Twitter.

I follow you on FB.

I follow you on Bloglovin'.

...& I need my sexy back. This baby has taken me overrrrrrrr! Hahaha! :)

jennifer Garcia said...

love ya girl!

Jenn Garcia not sure how many this is. maybe my 4th entry...

jennifer Garcia said...

love ya girl!

Jenn Garcia not sure how many this is. maybe my 4th entry...

Phin9009 said...

Hey! This is Chelsie reading your blog :)

I follow your blog, I follow you on Facebook, I'm friends with you on Facebook, I follow you on Bloglovin, I tweeted about the giveaway and I Facebooked about the entries? I think :)

rafaq nahid said...

you know you are AWESOME!
Gfc=rafaq nahid
Following on bloglovin!!
shared on facebook=


Cait said...

omg this is fabulous and i was just thinking the other day that i need to find my own sexy again!

I'm a follower of your blog.

I like your FB blog page.

I follow you on Twitter.

I follow you on FB.

I tweeted about the giveaway

I facebooked the giveaway

full name: cait @ fierce fabulous and fit

I follow you on Bloglovin'.

peniam said...

Hello Veronika, you are an amazing amazing girl!! Another wonderful giveaway.. just incredible how your heart is huge!! :) I follow you everywhere you asked to follow, I also shared on Twitter and Facebook :)
Monika P*lewa

Jessica Nicole said...

You never seize to amaze me with your kind heart! This is such a wonderful giveaway. I have been wanting the naked pallet and to try diamond candles for so long but haven't made the splurge! I'd love love love to win this :) thank you again for the opportunity!

I am a follower of your blog and did entries1-5 :)

meegan whitford said...

This is such an awesome giveaway! I would love to win this I dont have any of these items but want all of them! They will be on my wish list! Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing giveaway!!

I have 6 entries...I have done steps 1-5 and tweeted and fb'd about this! My name is Meegan Whitford and my email is

Susan said...

You have the best giveaways sweet friend!
Of course I follow you via gfc, have you as a friend on the book of faces, liked your fb page and now, just now? I added you on bloglovin'!!! How did I miss you there?

Susan said...

I tweeted for you sweetie! xo

TheTinyHeart said...

Following with GFC, liked your blog on FB, following on Twitter, following you on FB, following on Bloglovin.

thetinyheart at gmail dot com

The Balch Bunch said...

Hey! I did 1,2,3 &4!

Kelsey Balch

The Balch Bunch said...

tweeted it!

The Balch Bunch said...



fatema said...

GFC: fatema
twitter: @mclasb
facebook: zaara khan

facebook post:


Aylin Leto said...

1) Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook: Helča Sammet-Richterová
2) Follow on Twitter: @AylinLeto
3) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook: Helča Sammet-Richterová
4) Follow Bloglovin:

Isis said...

Isis Thompson
I Love your Blog and I have 3 entries.

Brittany Taylor said...

Five entries for me! :) - Brittany!

Jenna said...

Love..Love..Love..this giveaway! Pretty please enter me! I follow and like all that is necessary! So I believe that is 5 for me!

Hope your day is wonderful!

xxoo <3

radmilamila said...

hi, Veronica,
this is another of your great and generous giveaways!
1. I am already your follower on GFC - Radmila U
2. i Like your FB page - name Radmila Ustych
3. i follow you on twitter -@radmilamila
4. i follow you on FB
5. i follow you on bloglovin - name Radmila
6. i tweted
thanks, Radmila,

confessionsofagnes said...

hiya, i follow you via gfc,
i like your fb page,
i follow you on twitter,
i follow you on fb,
i follow you on bloglovin,
i tweeted you and i shared you on fb :)

Jaynie28 said...

Thank you for having such a positive wonderful blog. I'm a follower of your blog.

I like your FB blog page.

I follow you on Twitter.

I follow you on FB.

I follow you on Bloglovin'.

Jaye Hasan - said...

GFC: miarsi ningsih
Fullname: Miarsiningsih kamio
FB user: orion zee
Twitter User: @miarsiku
Follow bloglovin too
FB Share:

K said...

Hey Pretty Lady <3 7 entries please: All the necessaries plus FB and Twitter!

Hope you are wonderful!

Alexandra Johnson said...

Hello Gorgeous <3 <3
My name is Alexandra Johnson, email is

I followed ALL the rules :)
I also Tweeted this giveaway @alexeffinrocks

& also shared it on my Facebook.

Thanks for the chance to win these amazing prizes! I was sent by Trisha Paytas.

Have an amazing day <3 <3

brittany royce said...

hey girl! I entered 8 times.
I tweeted about this, blogged about this, facebooked about this (twice! haha)
and I follow you on every social networking site possible.

I can't even tell you what winning this giveaway would mean to me, I always see all these nice things I want and I dream about owning them one day but as a waitress my budget just doesn't allow for that. So thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing makeup.

Katie Fridley said...

My name is Katie Fridley and I've entered 7 times :) I really would love to win this! Happy Blogging <3

yanswim888 said...

GFC: Linda Yan
1. I liked "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook
2. I followed "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter as aquaprincess888
3. I followed "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook
4. I followed "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin HERE
5. I tweeted about this Giveaway
6. I facebooked this Giveaway

sarahbert said...

Your giveaways just get better and better! I'd love to win one!!

Follow the blog- (sarahbert)
1) Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook (Sarah Jeanne)
2) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter (sarahbert731)
3) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook (Sarah Jeanne)
4) Follow "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin (
Tweeted about the giveaway (sarahbert731)

Sarah Bertrand, 6 entries total,

Kate Salvia said...

1) Liked "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook
2)Facebooked this Giveaway
3) Am friends with "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook
4) Followed "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin
5)Am now leaving a comment, KATE SALVIA...I think you're fabulous!!!

*Sorry I don't have a twitter!*
Hope you'll check me out too on

Kate Salvia said...

Also following you on pinterest (kissesfromakate) and instagram(mskate917)! :)

Carolyn said...

Carolyn Roe:
I'm a blog follower!
I like you on facebook!
I follow you on twitter!
I follow you on facebook!

Christy Ann said...

Wow, you always outdo yourself with the giveaways!! I'm already following you every possible way, so i got entries 1-5 done!

z853www at hotmail dot com

Christy Ann said...

I also shared on Twitter:

Christy Ann said...

AND I shared on Facebook!!

Bree said...

Hey Girly! We meet again. I'm so glad you are reunited with your Brother!!!!
And I'm so glad I got to enter the Giveaway in time. :)

I did EVERY SINGLE one. So however many entries MAX, that's what I did. You're the BEST!!!!!

Helene said...

Awesome giveaway!
Helene Sula
I am a Blog follower
I am a fan on Facebook (Helene in Between)
I follow on Blog Lovin!