Sunday, November 4, 2012

London Love

Is anyone else loving all things London/Union Jack inspired?
I know I am.
Recently added to my collection is a shirt, a pair of shoes, & a few home accessories.
Don't know what it is, but I'm in love! I'm dreaming of this Alexander McQueen clutch next. ADORE.
Since I'm as patriotic as it gets…I've always loved red, white & blue, but I just love the whole look of the flag, crowns/royalty infused…love it all!
And to add to my Hello Kitty collection (all displayed in a huge, clear acrylic trunk. I'll show soon)…I just had to get this! How adorable, right? If you love it as much as I do…it's brand new so they should have it for a while. Hopefully. Sometimes these things go fast, so if you want it…get on it, Sister! 
Do you guys have any London Love? And if so…I'd love to know what it is!
And…if you've ever been to London, of course. Definitely on my To-Do List! 


And If You're Interested…Here are 2 Giveaways I'm currently hosting!

A Mini One ...

And This...Not So Mini One!

Happy Sunday Night, Sweethearts.
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend & that you're almost ready for this amazing week ahead!
Sweet Dreams, My Angels.
You are as loved as can be!

Lovin' You & London,


Betsy said...

I'm totally obsessed with London as well. Not just Union Jacks though, if it says London, has the skyline or anything remotely to do with London I want it! I'm also that way with Paris. It really is an amazing city.


Susan Liberatore said...

We have something else in common...

See Ms. Ava wearing her own union jack here ::

Couldn't help but share after reading your post! ha.

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