Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So Much To Do…I Do Nothing.

Have you ever had so much to do…you do nothing?
That was me yesterday.
I had a headache, so after I got my nails done & worked out…this is how I spent my entire day!

And the entire First Season of this...

I've never seen any of these…and I must say…I loved them all!

. Magic Mike…Huge fan of CT & love to watch people perform! Especially when they can move like him! SICK!

. Katy Perry & Justin Beiber…I absolutely love inspirational stories & seeing where people came from…to where they are now! SO motivating & SO awesome! Love to root for people & watch them succeed!

. WTEWYExpecting…SO cute! Loved it!

.JGWIt…LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Can't believe I waited so long to see it! 

ILYBCooper…Totally "teenie-bopper", but such a great story. Enjoyed it!

. ROAges…As cheesy as it gets, but I LOVED it! Ha Ha! The outfits/hair/fashion (Julianne's anyway. She's as adorable as it gets!),  the performances….and the music…oh the music! If you grew up in the 80's & own a copy of "Monster Ballads"…you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this! LOVED every song & sang them…out loud! Don't worry…B's out of town! LOL! Then…even took it to the next level & went right on Amazon & ordered the soundtrack! YOU KNOW IT! LOVE me some 80's hair bands! And I LOVE Pat Benetar! I SO wanna see this on Broadway now! If you love musicals & 80's…this ones for you! If you hate both…you will HATE this! LMAO!

. Nashville…ADORE. Love Country, Love Pretty Things…LOVED this!

So…what did you do yesterday? LOL.

I will post my "Find Your Sexy" Giveaway tomorrow & start emailing all of you beauties back and sending all my packages! Rene…got your address, Honey…& your box of love is on it's way! Lawd Have Mercy…where to begin! Ummm…I know. Let's see what's on TV. Any recommendations? 

Huge Love & Hugs from me to you!
Hope you're having an amazing week!

Oh & And If You Haven't…You Must!

See You Tomorrow, My Gorgeous Kandy Girls (and Guys if you're out there)!
I Love & Appreciate You ALL!

Let's See What I Can Accomplish Now...


Jennifer said...

Did What to Expect make you cry too? I really didn't expect to and bam!

Betsy said...

Oh girl I'm having one of those years it seems! I'll get the stuff done I want to get done (working on my 101 list, leveling up in video games) but the hard stuff I avoid! :)

Veronika said...

Jenn…SHO DID, Honey! =) A LOT! =)

And Betsy…I feel you, Sister! =) Refer back to my "Veronika Unplugged" post & you'll see how much I can relate. =( It is SO hard to do it all. SO SO hard. I'm trying my best to find a balance, but some days (yesterday)…I fail miserably. And…I don't even have kids! I have NO IDEA how you Mama's do it! HUGE props to all of you! And add a little (A LOT) OCD to the mix…and you're REALLY screwed! =) Aye ye ye. One day…one moment at a time, Sweetheart. That's all we can do.

I have SUCH issues! I'm already thinking of what I wanna watch next! =) TRUE STORY. LMAO! =) House is all clean, chores & work out done…I deserve to play right? =) AFTER my million & one emails! =)

Mary Garcia said...

I want one of those days! Sounds like you had a great time with Ron, Jamie, and the girls! I missed them so I sm glad they are back! Hope I can meet you soon!

K said...

TJ and I saw ROA on broadway and it was SO FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!! I don't want to watch the movie because I feel like it would ruin the experience that I have in my head :) Totally recommend it!

Jenna said...

That was me on Sunday! Except, I watched a marathon of Breaking Amish. lol I was hooked! I'm so lame.

Of all those movies you watched, I have only seen the Katy Perry and Justin Bieber ones. :/

Have a beautiful night!


Susan said...

I've seen most of these with the exception of Magic Mike {I know, I know} and Rock of Ages which I just picked up.
I love a good movie day!