Friday, November 30, 2012


After reading this post & this one too...from the beautiful (inside & out), Erin from Living in put it lightly...I was moved.

With tears streaming down my cheeks...I read & I kept on reading. I read both Erin words, & the personal journal of Isaac's

I immediately donated, but felt the need to do so much more & of course...spread the word to all of you. I cannot even begin to fathom this amount of pain, and if I can do ANYTHING at all to ease it...I ABSOLUTELY will.

None of us know this little Angel personally, but in an instant...he invaded ALL of our lives...and our hearts.

If this story touches your heart too...please please don't hesitate to reach out. No matter how act of love goes unnoticed, and EVERY kindness counts.

Let us all join in this movement to help make Isaac & his family's to remember. Because after all...THAT is the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

ALL the ways you can make a difference are right here.

Thank you...with EVERY beat of my heart.

In this life...we ALL gotta stick together & help each other...whenever we need it most.
THIS is one of those times.

I love & appreciate you all...SO MUCH MORE than words. 

We ♥ You, Isaac & We Are ALL Rootin' For You!

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Susan said...

I'm here crying my eyes out.
I just can't handle these stories. I went to every page...reading more and more about sweet Isaac. A survivor and then this devastating news.
This poor family.
Have you read Rockstar Ronan? Check it out. Ridiculously sad, I prepare you. xo