Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fredericksburg Fields

Hi, Beautiful Dolls! 
I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day yesterday & that today is the start of a brand-new, perfect week! 
My beautiful Aunt Nancy sent me these pictures today & I thought they were absolutely gorgeous and wanted to share. The were taken from a Lavender Farm right outside of Fredericksburg, Texas...about an hour from our new house! I have always loved Lavender, but had no idea it grew this beautifully! It looks like the south of France...can't you just smell it? Breathtaking! We'll definitely have to go see it in person! ROAD TRIP!!! Ha Ha. Thank you so much, Aunt Nancy for sharing such a beautiful sight with me...and all of us!
 I ♥ you! 

Love & Lavender,

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