Sunday, May 29, 2011

Under Construction

Hi, my Gorgeous Dolls! 
BLOGGER (this site that hosts my blog) has been "under construction" for a few weeks now, with some posts disappearing & some days not allowing me to log on at all, so...hence the lack of daily posts! Ha Ha. I apologize for the not-so recent updates, but fingers'll be back & running in no time! And...the worst part...all of my oh so special followers, that I love & appreciate so dearly...have disappeared from my page! They still show up on my "home page", but not on my "visible" page that all of you can see. So just know that I didn't delete you & hope I can see all of your beautiful faces again...ASAP! Thank you for your patience & for being so wonderful & supportive! Love & Hugs to you ALL! 

Back to regular posting soon,

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