Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to shop without ever leaving your house!

While talking to my Sister yesterday, she suggested I do a post about where I get all my "cute" stuff (for our new house, accessories, cell phone covers, etc), but best of all...FOR CHEAP! I'll shop with the best of 'em, but I LOVE me a deal! Who wouldn't rather have a whole cart full of stuff, compared to one lousy t-shirt! Ha Ha. I know I would!'s where Veronika gets her goods! 

Some of my very favorite sites are...

Instead of driving all over town, for a million different things...with Amazon...the world & all it's goodies...are right at your fingertips! If there's anything you've been looking for/wanting to get...99.9% of the time...Amazon has it! It couldn't be more convenient!

To tell you a little about OVERSTOCK deals...I just bought this exact chandelier above from there for &499 & just yesterday saw the very same one at a huge lighting place near our house for, you will never guess...on sale mind you, for $1600! INSANE deals! 

EBAY shares my same love with Amazon.

My favorite "store" on Etsy for cell phone cases is casecabin. Such a sweet girl & oh so efficient! Ships from China & are custom made so it takes a couple of weeks, but they are so worth it! 

Etsy has every hand-made, crafty can think of. SO fun & supports so many people that work from home & allows Mama's to stay home with their babies. I'm a huge fan! Just type in whatever you love/are looking for... & search away! 

And if you want to feel a little VIP-ish...these are my favorites that are free, but require you to be a member. Just sign up, sign in...and enjoy. Every day you are alerted via email/text of the killer deals of the day, ranging anywhere from Men/Women's/Kids/Home Decor/Travel Accommodations, etc. I've found so many amazing things on these sites & they feel so much like treasure hunts! He He. You never know what you're gonna find!

And my favorites that so require leaving your house...

Thrifty Treasures,

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