Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brow Beautiful

Hey Gorgeous Dolls! Since today is the Rapture & all, I figured hey...we might as well look good while we go out! Ha Ha! I'm only making fun because I don't believe in it AT ALL, besides...what time zone are we talkin' anyway? Because in Texas it's almost midnight, so I'm safe! LOL! 

So...I've always wanted to go to the famous brow expert to the stars, last year I did. B & I drove all the way to Beverly Hills, which from Orange County & California traffic...took almost 3 hours! My brows did look beautiful, but anyone drinking Monavie knows...your hair grows like a weed, and in a week...they were a hot mess all over again! I was not about to drive all the way there, every week, so I bought her brow kit & started doing my own! Saved a lot of money & a lot of time! Here's what I learned from the brow expert herself. 

This is the kit I have, minus the brown pen, shown on the very bottom. After watching her use it in this video...I just ordered it from It's called...Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil.  And this entire kit can be ordered from Amazon ( Her tweezers & scissors are awesome & I love the brow highlighter! Never used the stencils myself, but she used them on me when she did mine & they looked beautiful. I just don't fill my brows in every day, so haven't played too much with them. She uses this kit on every client that she sees. You will love it! Here's a video of Anastasia in action & one of one of her celebrity clients you might recognize!  

I'll leave you with gorgeous brows & my "Rapture Theme Song".
The Sweetest of Dreams to you! 

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, our brows are the curtains! 


Heather said...

Love this post! I use the Anastasia pencil and gel. I love it! My sis says you need to post a hair instructional video! :)

Veronika said...

Thank you, Heather! Love her stuff! How sweet. As soon as I learn how to do videos...I sure will! =) Thank you BOTH for reading! Love & hugs to you! XO

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