Wednesday, May 18, 2011

B & V-Date Night!

B just surprised me with tickets for tonight's JOSH GROBAN Concert & I couldn't be more excited! We absolutely LOVE him and he & his music hold such a special place in our hearts. Our very first concert together was for B's Birthday & I bought us tickets to go see him & at our Wedding...our first dance, was none other than Groban's "When You Say You Love Me".  His voice is as pure as an Angel, and he sounds EXACTLY like his CD'! Only better, because it's live of course! Ha Ha. If you are a's a MUST SEE/HEAR! You will not be disappointed! 

Crazy story about him...because we were dancing to him on our Wedding Day & because we are such big fans, I thought it would be SO awesome to see if I could get him to come & sing our first dance song...himself! To a Man that has everything...B would JUST DIE! So...I got out my trusty MacBook & typed away!!! Guess who I typed it to? Yep...OPRAH! Ha Ha! Who else could make this happen! To my surprise & utter shock...her staff wrote me back! I never believe anythings impossible, so I wasn't that shocked...just more excited! Unfortunately the weekend of our Wedding Josh was in New York, otherwise he would have stopped by & sang our song! Can you believe that! What an amazing surprise that would have been for B. But hopefully in this case...the thought did count! We love you, Oprah & Josh and thank you SO SO much for trying! Means the absolute world! SO...if you EVER have a dream that big...or even bigger...ALWAYS ALWAYS go for it! What have you got to lose? Nothing at all, but EVERYTHING to gain!    

Thank you with all of my heart, my beautiful B, for these tickets & for a night and a moment...I will cherish forever! I love you to heaven & ever after!

Lovin' Groban & My Gorgeous Husband,

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