Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family, Apples & THE BEST Craft Store...EVER!!!

On a little Road Trip B, Mama & Papa, and Verenia & I went on for Mother's Day (Mama loves Road Trips), we came across an adorable little place called The Apple Store, in a little town called Medina. Growing up in California, we spent many years of our childhood going to a place called Oak Glen, which is a huge apple orchard, where you literally stand on ladders and pick your own apples! It was always such a fun treat for us kids, to run & play all through the orchards, eat the yummiest apples/candy apples, & enjoy the day with our family. So this little trip, minus my beautiful Brother Aram, who lives in Hawaii...brought back a lot of fond memories for me. Our family always loved to pack up the car & the kids...and set off on an all day adventure! We never knew where the road would take us, exactly...but it always took us to a place where memories were born, & that I will cherish forever. And my B...he is THE KING of Road Trips & is the best addition to the family! His sense of adventure & enthusiasm are two of the qualities I love most about him! He is always game...no matter what...and I LOVE that about him! He's gonna be the best Daddy! Here are some pictures from this adorable little place & the burgers...Mama said was the best burger she's ever had! Made me so happy since is was Mother's Day & all! They had all kinds of home-made apple...everything & Papa loved his apple fritter! He could eat one every day with a cup of coffee! His absolute favorite treat! I had a chicken salad sandwich that I shared with Papa, B had a bacon burger (his fav) & Verenia had a grilled cheese! Everything was oh so yummy, and oh so cute! He He. 

We had a wonderful weekend, eating yummy things, discovering new sights, & enjoying some of the best company around! I love my family so so much, but I miss my Brother every single day. But...he is literally in Paradise, living his dream & livin' the life! B & I went there (Kauai) on our Honeymoon, so we saw first hand...the rough life he leads. Ha Ha. I love you, Aram. Speaking of paradise...we went to one type of mine today! Ha Ha. A place called Hobby Lobby! 

When you are a craft/decorating freak like me...this place is absolute heaven! And I thought Michael's & JoAnne's were fun!!! This place has got it beat...by a million times! I was lovin' life! LOL. Got a few fun things to add to our collection & paint for some projects I'm working on. And don't worry...I'll be sure to post pictures of the house just as soon as it's all done! Such a huge process, but so much fun too! 

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend & week so far & that your hearts are filled with as much love as mine! Enjoy every minute with those you love! These moments & people...are as precious as they come!

Moments as sweet as Apple Pie,


Beth said...

I love that even though you've moved so far away you're exploring your new home with (almost) the whole family! Home is where the heart is!!! =)

Veronika said...

Awww....absolutely, Beth. SO SO true. NOTHING matters more. Love you! XO