Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love Your Body

Hey Gorgeous Ones!
As I sit here with another one of my fabulous headaches...I thought I'd catch up on my You Tube watching, and I came across this video & just had to share. This beautiful girl below is Trisha. Someone I've been watching/following for a while now, and I wrote this post about her, when I first discovered her. She's inspired me since the moment I found her & I think we could all learn a thing or two from her. Most importantly...her confidence & her ability to be the epitome of "herself" a world that's constantly trying to change you. I the tenth degree...anyone who lives their life for them alone (without hurting anyone of course), and who...when looking in the so proud of the person staring back at them. Props is an understatement...I give them a standing ovation! With Summer here, and all of us trying to look our absolute best & be "bikini perfect"...just make sure that the measure of judged by you alone. Never compare yourself to anyone else. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be your absolute best. I think we all should live up to our fullest every aspect of our lives, so long as you are trying to be the best version of YOU. Not what society or the world thinks you should be. If your body interferes with your life & activities, meaning...if your weight limits you from living your best life...then might be time to make a change, but if not, and you're 100% happy in your skin...then hey...STANDING OVATION & eat an extra slice of pizza for me! Ha Ha. You, and only you...should be the judge of that. The world is so full of "ugly"...and not at all what I mean is the size of your jeans! "Pretty Is As Pretty Does" & skinny does not always equal...pretty. You are not a size. You are not a weight. You are not an age. You are not a trophy. You are not a doll. You are not stupid. You are not an image. You are not an advertisement demographic. YOU ARE A WOMAN...and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

What I wrote to her...

"YOU ARE STUNNING & deserve a standing ovation for this one, T! This "mean" epidemic NEEDS to stop & I couldn't be more proud of you for bearing not only your body...but your soul. My Mama always said, "Pretty is as pretty does", and you my dear...are beautiful. If you can't say anything to improve the silence...please, please...don't say a word. We are all in this world together, fighting our own battles, and we all need to stick together & help each other through it all. BE YOU & BE PROUD! XO"

Have a beautiful night, Gorgeous Ones!
As you look in the mirror at the beautiful reflection staring back at you.
She's as beautiful as it gets! 



Margarita Bloom said...

LOVE this!!! <3

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I love these kinds of posts! This whole "you're not pretty if you're not a size 0" lie that society *cough fashion world cough* needs to be stopped. It's unhealthy and it's taking away from girls and women the ability to love themselves. And if we can't love ourselves, we can't love each other. It's a vicious cycle. I appreciate you writing about this, hun!!!

Veronika said...

Thank you, MB! =) MUAH! And Elizabeth...AMEN, SISTER!!! =) I couldn't agree more! Thank you so much for your kind words and your feedback. Because after all...I am on here for all of you, to share & the very best of my ability! =) Thank you again! Hope you both, & all the rest of you reading this...are having a wonderful, Memorial Weekend! Love & Hugs to you! XO

K said...

What a vivacious girl and such an adorable personality!!!

When I was in college and would eat out with my ex (who was literally like 10 sizes smaller than me) we would go to Chili's and I would order a burger with fries and he would order a Chicken Caesar wrap with no dressing and fruit on the side. EVERY single time, the waiter or waitress would serve us our food backwards ASSUMING that because I was a girl that OF COURSE I was the one ordering the crap wrap with no french fries. I would get so mad and self conscious about it.

The world needs more women like this one to be proud of themselves and others and inspire men and women alike to love themselves and others!!!!

So inspiring!!! Thanks for the uplift V!

Veronika said...

K...That is INSANE! RUDE...more like it! =) Prob jealous too, cause they wanted to grub! LOL! =) Don't Hate...Appreciate! LMAO! =) Girl...I would have been right next to you...raising my burger in a toast! =) You couldn't be more right, & I pray that one brave/awesome girl at a time...we will all be free to just be. Live our lives as we peace. =) Props to you for eating exactly what you matter what! =) I love me some "don't conform" people! =) DO YOU! That's who we all love! =) XO

Veronika said...

Hey just came to me...we're looking at it all wrong, Honey! =) It would have been rude if they automatically assumed YOU were the one eating the burger & fries!!! =) Because they thought you were the healthy one all along...girl that's a compliment!!! =) Crazy how you really can see the world 2 different ways! So my dear...look back at those memories with a smile now! =) Love you!

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