Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting...Be YOU!

It's Wednesday, Dolls! Time to start pinning!!! If you've never heard of PINTEREST, click on my "peppermint" link, on the right side of my page, that reads, "PIN ME". It'll all make sense. It's just a place to store everything you love. Kinda like a virtual collage. Or many virtual collage boards. A lot of fun! So...every Wednesday we all team up with the beautiful Michelle from THE VINTAGE APPLE, and "pin" our favorites from our boards each week! This week I'm dedicating my post...and my all things UNIQUE. 

I was searching You Tube a few days ago & somehow, someway...came across this ADORABLE girl named Trisha, who just wanted to share her love of Hello Kitty.

Of course, after watching for even a'll see the mean-ness in her comments & the hatred bestowed upon her.  I have absolutely no tolerance for it & it makes me so sad that people are so mean. In a world where everyone tries to change you & make you a "cookie cutter" version of themselves, or what is labeled "normal" & "acceptable" by society...I CANNOT TELL YOU how much I celebrate Uniqueness!!! Just watch a little clip from The Stepford Wives & you'll see where this world is headed if we aren't true to us! LMAO! Now don't get me wrong...I am the first one to be all dressed up at the grocery store & have a beautiful home,'s the life (horror movie), that this world would be if we were all the same & never were allowed to be unique & "real". 

Believe me when I tell you, it takes A LOT more courage to be unique than it does to fit in. The stares, the comments, the questions...I've heard & lived them all. "Why are you always so dressed up?", "Why don't you ever wear your hair down?", etc. etc. BECAUSE I CAN & I WANT TO...THAT'S WHY! Ha Ha. Isn't it funny though that the "plain janes" of the world are never asked..."How come you never do your hair?"  "How come you never get dressed up?" "Don't you ever wear make-up?" It's such a double standard & something that makes my skin crawl! My ONLY question & one I have yet to have answered, is why in the world anyone else cares! We aren't bothering you, asking you to hang out with us, hell...asking you to even look at us! LOL! Mind your business & stop trying to make this world as "vanilla" as you can, when it is meant to be colorful! We aren't meant to all be the same. Chubby, Skinny, Short, Tall, White. Black, ...we represent ALL colors of the rainbow & EVERY color is necessary to make up the beauty in this world! Someone will ALWAYS have something to say & to judge, (remember...misery loves company) but one of the most important life lessons I can share with you is two simple words...BE YOU! Never let people convince you that you're not good enough, normal enough, or that you should be anything other than who you were born to be! Everything in life has a knock off, but the original is ALWAYS worth the most! NEVER forget that! How can you ever be irreplaceable when you're just like everyone else? You can't.  If you are always true to can never be replaced. NEVER NEVER NEVER let this world determine your worth, or convince you to "play small", so that others can feel better about themselves. And when the world around you a leader & don't play along. Mean-ness is MEAN & spreads like wildfire. How beautiful this world would be if instead...we were nice. Try it. Surround yourself with it. And NEVER EVER EVER be anything but. It's MORE than ok to be different. In's one of  life's greatest gifts! 

The One & Only,


Kristin said...

Life is too short for plain white socks...That is adorable!

Veronika said...

Ha Ha! =) Right? Too cute! So...put on your craziest socks...EVER & conquer this world! =) XO