Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, my Angel Mama.

Happy Happy Birthday, to one of the greatest women that has ever walked this Mama. For those of you that have been blessed to have met her, to those who know her very well & love her dearly...she really, truly Angel on earth. She's as close to Mother Teresa as you will ever get, and a walking ray of sunshine! Someone once called her "human sunshine" & it couldn't be more accurate! She is a saint & the most moral person I know. In my High School Peer Counseling class, my assignment was to bring something to class that I was proud of. It could be anything...a medal I'd won, a poem I'd written...can you guess what I brought? Mama! My class could have died! Here she is, as sweet as the little lady who sits next to you in church, but with a "tell it like it is" side you wouldn't believe! Ha Ha. She started talking to my class about all kinds of things, and at one point said, "she got knocked up" class was DYING!!! LOL! They thought my Mama was the coolest Mom...EVER! And of course...I couldn't agree more! As I watched my Mama up there, in front of my class...I couldn't have been more proud! She does have a Master's Degree in Marriage, Family, Child Psychology, and was a Counselor for years, so she does have so much to share & does know what she's talking about! Who do you know that went to college for 12 years because they loved school so much!!! Ha Ha! She's a genius & has taught me so many things! She's the greatest Mama...EVER! She has never once, in all of my life...let me down, or made me feel anything less than loved beyond measure. She is my confidant, and one of my very Best Friends. When I count my blessings...I always count her twice & thank God, every day, for sending me to her. I love her more than life itself & am so grateful for every moment that she is with me. So...cliff notes version...SHE ROCKS!!! Ha Ha. Happy Happy Birthday, my Beautiful, Angel Mama! You sure know how to make a Daughter proud! I'm looking forward to spending the day with you & pray that ALL of your wishes continue to come true!

Your Fartling Couldn't Love You More,


Elizabeth said...

AWWWW... what a beautiful post! Happy B-day to your Mama!
I love your blog and always look forward to you posting something new. Blessings!

K said...

I have known your mom for so many years and never knew that she was a counselor!!! That's bananas!!! We had the SAME Master's degree!! Crazy <3 Tell her a big Happy Mother's Day for me!!!!