Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To every Mother that has ever been, ever will be...past, present & future...because of you...all of us...

breathe, are loved unconditionally & are able to love in return, inspire, dream, know the feeling of warmth & a meal cooked with love, were able to wear home-made Halloween Costumes & go to every dance, are lovers, are fighters, know right from wrong, are encouraged, are cheered for, learn, grow, believe, understand the meaning of sacrifice & what it truly means to put others above ourselves, know how to work hard, have a permanent shoulder to cry on, have been read to, danced with, shopped for, have made crafts, have made music, have fought, have made up, understand empathy, stand up for what we believe in, have been nursed back to health, have been listened to, know the magic of a hug & a smile, have a place to call "home", have played with every toy we've had to have, have had a personal driver for years, have been given the best advice, have been supported at every practice, have been baked a birthday cake, enjoyed every holiday, have been chaperoned, have been walked down the isle on the most important day of our lives, have been disciplined, were made to feel like the most special person in the world, were taught that we can accomplish anything & that we would, were told everything will be ok & it always was, have a hero...

Because of our Mothers...I am me & you are you, and no part of that is an accident. We are who we are meant to be, by every life experience that has shaped us that way. Whether your experiences are like others, or not at all like there' all happened for a reason, and the beautiful flower you've bloomed into, is the result. So whether you have had the best childhood, or the worst...always remember that every experience is a result of the life experiences of the person raising us. They teach...what they've been taught, and it usually, almost always is...the very best that they know how. 

Whether your Mom is still with you, or an angel in her, forgive her, & never forget that you exist because of her.

To my Mama...all that I am, and ever hope to be...I really do owe to Angel Mama. Because of you...I want to have my own children & provide for another soul...all that you have given me. No one has ever made me feel more loved, understood, supported, has given me their undivided attention, or made me feel like the most special person in the world! To be able to pass that gift by far...the greatest gift I could have ever received. I just pray I can do it as well as you did & still continue to do. Home is where your heart is & I am honored to reside deep within yours. You are an inspiration & the epitome of what a Mother is/should be. I couldn't be more lucky, or more blessed to have been given to you. I will love you, and cherish you...all the days of my life. Thank You, will never be enough. Happy Happy Mother's Day! 

To all of you Mothers reading this...never underestimate your presence, your purpose, or the beautiful gift of you. Have a beautiful Mother's Day! Lord knows you've earned it! 

One Lucky, Lucky Daughter,

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