Saturday, May 5, 2012

Giveaway Update!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Gorgeous Girls! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far & enjoying moments spent with those you love most! 
Today was supposed to be the day of my big Giveaway Winner Reveal, but...because I was getting a lot of spam/ads in my comments...I changed my settings...& wasn't aware that people weren't able to comment anymore. So...because they weren't able to comment, they weren't able to enter, & I can't be gavin' that! 
So...I've decided to extend the Giveaway until Midnight (Texas Time) on Wednesday the 9th...instead. And again...the winner will be revealed the next day. 
My sincere apologies to all of you for the delay, and also to all of you who weren't able to enter. Hopefully now...everyone that wants to...can. And after this "Hollywood Glamour" one...will be on it's way! 

So...if you haven't already entered my

to win all this...

You still have a few more days! 
All details are here.

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend & I'll see you guys soon!

Love & Hugs to you! 

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