Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Year FULL of Love.

I turned another year older yesterday, and my heart…got a lot more full of love!
An overwhelming amount of Facebook/Instagram/Blog messages, calls, texts, Birthday songs, very special gifts & many surprises, very yummy treats, a day spent with nothing but love & laughter with my beautiful B…
a perfect day, indeed.

ALL of you were a part of it, and I thank you…with every beat of my heart.

Here's what I posted on Facebook…

"Some people are as bright as the moon; their hearts shine with the light of a million heavenly stars. * ALL of YOU represent this in my life! Thank you, with EVERY part of me...for your generous spirits and beyond kind hearts. To say that I
 felt loved on my Birthday…is THE BIGGEST understatement of ALL TIME! I am blessed, far beyond measure, and I have ALL of you to thank. You made my day, week, year, and most importantly…made me feel that the life I live is one to be proud of. You made me laugh, cry, say "Awww" a million & one times =), brought back so many wonderful memories, but most of all…reminded me how TRULY blessed I am, & how proud I am to call ALL of you…my Beautiful Family & Friends. Life is made up of captured moments, & the things we share and the moments we spend together have become gifts that my heart won't ever forget. Thank You ALL…for your unbelievable love & kindness. It will FOREVER be remembered. "Generous hearts are the accomplices of happiness." (Suzanne Cole) & at this very moment…I couldn't be any happier! =) I will reply to all of you individually, but for now…here's my heartfelt thanks! I ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU!!! XO"

Here's to a brand new year, a brand new me, and a whole bunch more lives I get to touch! 
Thank you for being here, and sharing in my journey.
I look forward to ALL that's to come!


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HUGE Love & Hugs to you!

A Happy, Oh So Grateful Girl…


Heather said...

Honey, you deserve every single second of your birthday love and more. I am so happy you had a great day! XOXO, Heather

princesstorrii said...

Happy belated birthday! & a happy birthday to your husband! How nice you're so close together! ♥ Checking out all of your blog now :)

K said...

You deserve ALL the love in the world!!! Happy Birthday V!!! I wish I were in Texas to tell you to your beautiful face how LUCKY the world is to have you be such a champion for kindness and love <3

Nida Moughal said...

Happiieee Belated Birthday Darling!