Saturday, September 8, 2012

39 Years & Counting...

Happy 39th. Anniversary, Papa & Mama! ♥ I couldn't love you both more, or be more proud…to call YOU my Parents! I thank God EVERY DAY that he brought me to you & I pray one day…I can be HALF of the are to me! No two people hav
e ever loved me more & I know YOU know…how much THIS girl loves you! Here's to you, P&M…& a lifetime more! Happy Happy Anniversary! ♥

"Behind every couple lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and 
interference to be that way. Why? Because it's what they wanted." -Kim George.

And how are they celebrating tonight?
The usual Saturday Night Boxing Date! 
Freakin' Adorable!
They love them some boxing!
Dinner & Game Night later this week with all of us! 
Some of our very favorite times! 

Oh & the best part…
When asked what's their secret, Mama says "marry your friend, honor your commitment, enjoy the good & endure the bullshit!" LOL!

Keepin' it real…that's the secret! 

Hope all of you are wonderful & have had an amazing week!
A HUGE Welcome to my newest Followers/Friends, & a HUGE Sorry for being MIA all week!
 For those of you who don't know…I'm one of the lucky ones who suffers (bad) from migraines, and well…you just never know when their gonna pay me a visit! 
Good Times! LOL! 
So…whenever I'm away…that's almost always the reason! 
Thank you for your love, patience & understanding! I truly appreciate you all!
And Leslie…your box of  ♥ is on it's way to you!
Congrats, again!

Stay Tuned for my next Giveaway…"Urban Decay Dreams"!
Happy Saturday, Dolls!
HUGE hugs to you all!

A Very Proud Daughter,


Maria Sandoval said...

Beautiful about your parents! Love how your mama tells it how it is : ) thank you for sharing. I hope you feel better. XO

Veronika said...

Awww…thank you SO much, M! For…EVERYTHING!!! =) My Mama is crazy!!! Love her to pieces! =) Guess I know where I got it from , huh? =) Love you the same! Hope you're wonderful! XO

Erica Bellio said...

Havent checked out Pretty Little Liars yet, but you know what I AM ADDICTED to right now??? WEEDS! I have no idea why I can't stop watching it...but I can't!!!! I love the show. Maybe I just love the star actress Mary-Louise Parker or something, no idea! But its soooooooooo addicting! Thank you so much for the sweet comment....and Hi all the way from South Florida!!!! xxxxoooo Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend sweet lady! MWAH!