Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Super Ty

I saw this on Beautiful Brie's Blog & wanted to do my little part to help spread the word. 
Please do the same. This absolutely breaks my heart. 
God Bless this little Angel & everyone who loves him. 
I will say a million & one prayers. 
Please help spread the word about this beautiful boy.
He was sent home on hospice last week and things aren't looking good.

"Tomorrow is my birthday.  Instead of offering me a "happy birthday" (because we all know I am far from happy) I ask of you to share his story with anyone and everyone who will listen.  That is the greatest birthday gift you can give to me."
-Ty's mom, Cindy Campbell



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All My Love & Prayers,

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sophistifunk said...

you have the biggest heart <3

xo brie