Saturday, September 15, 2012

Can't Get Enough!

It all started with a conversation I had with one of my very favorite neighbors (I ♥ you, Amy), & I have been hooked ever since! We were talking about our favorite shows & she brought up PLL. Now of course I've heard of it before, & have seen all these stunnas in my magazines, but until she brought it up…I had no idea what all the hype was about! Bobby was out of town, and I was home with a very bad headache, so I thought…what the heck! Off to the store I went! With a cart full of snacks & Season 1 in hand…it was about to be on! 

Season 1, turned into Season 2, & since Season 3 is not out on DVD yet…I watched every single episode on Amazon! Hey, don't judge. $1.99/episode is nothing to finally find out who "A" is! LOL! 

My name is Veronika & I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars!

The gorgeous guys & girls, their style (obsessed), the bond between friends, the suspense, my future baby's name (I am IN LOVE with the name Aria! No stealing!)…I just adore it all!!! 

I have no idea how far this will go, but I hope it's around for many more seasons!

So girls & guys (if B were home he would have loved it too! Maybe I'll watch it again with him!)…if you happen to have a rainy-day schedule when you live, or just wanna spend the day curled up & cozy…you have GOT to check this out! Be prepared though…if you scare easily…don't watch it at night...alone. I don't & I loved it, but I know not everyone is a freak like me!  

My Sister has all my copies now & hopefully she'll love it as much as I do!
And if you check it out…hopefully you will too!
I wanted to post a little preview, but they all give too much away!
Don't cheat & look/read ahead! Otherwise the fun is gone & you'll ruin the surprise!

It's gloomy here today & the perfect night for movie night & a fire! 
Just wish I had a few more episodes to watch!
It's ok though. 
Movies, Fire, Snacks, My B…is heaven…no matter what I'm watching!

Wishing all of you a cozy day/night!
And if it's hot as hades where you live…hope it's spent any way…with the people you love most!

Happy Saturday, Loves!

Newest PLL Fan,

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