Friday, June 8, 2012

LAST DAY to enter my "Hollywood Glamour" Giveaway!

Happy Friday, Sweethearts! 
Hope it's been perfect so far.
Here's how mine started...

Awww....I just LOVE him! 
Waking up to love notes + Roses from our garden + B cookin' up some goodies for our tummies = Heaven.

 Just wanted to give a shout out to my adorable B (everyone should be celebrated for being loving & wonderful, right) & share these amazing pancakes with you!
For those of you who don't of the very few foods I won't/don't eat are pancakes. I hate them. Ha Ha. Nasty. I know I'm weird. But these babies...are my very favorite of all time! If you've never heard of/had these...they are so so yummy & the batter tastes like corn dog batter, instead of pancakes...and I love me some corn dogs! LOL! B's family came up with the idea to add hot dogs to it, and as strange as that sounds...if you're like the rest of us & love sweet & will LOVE them! So quick & so easy. Perfect for rushed mornings, or a lot of tummies to feed too! YUM-ME! They are available at all grocery stores (I think), in the refrigerated section, usually by the eggs & milk. They're also available at Costco. The original are the best, but they also come in wheat, & chocolate. Haven't tried chocolate. Don't want to. LOL! But if you're a fan...

Hope you're day's been beautiful so far & that it keeps gettin' better!!! 

Today is the very last day for my Giveaway, so if you haven't already away, Honey! 
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BEST of luck to ALL of you! 
I always say this prayer before I reach in & draw the name..."Dear God, please let the person        who deserves/needs this the Amen."
really do. 
See you soon! 

The Happiest of Fridays,


Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

AWWW how sweet!
Have a lovely weekend, Hun!

Hazel Schreiner said...

Oh man what a sweet heart!! He needs to come over here and teach my hubby a thing OR two! :) Hazel