Sunday, June 3, 2012

Anchors Away!

Hi Gorgeous Ones!
Is anyone else obsessed with all things me?
For some reason...I always have been.
I just love everything about them. What they represent. What they look like. Everything.
And of course...they always make me think of summer as well!
I've always wanted to have a Nautical/Sailor themed party, and I think I really should look into that! Ha Ha.  Since Bobby & I's Birthdays are 4 days apart...we love to have our parties together. We've only had one theme one so far (80's...BEST PARTY EVER), but we look forward to many more to come! 
ETSY has the cutest anchor...everything! You can see it all here. I got the cutest necklace from there & want to get a tiny little anchor bracelet too! 


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Hope all of you are having a beautiful Saturday & that your heart feels as loved as you are! 

Refuse To Sink,


Unknown said...

LOVE the anchors...only, it's "Anchors AWEIGH". As in, weighing anchor.

Is that "She came at once.." artwork Ronald Searle? It looks like his hand.

Veronika said...

I always see it both ways, but thank you so much for your input & for stopping by! And the art...I honestly have no idea. LOL. I just saw it & loved it! Thanks, again. Have a beautiful day.