Friday, June 29, 2012

I Hope You Feel Beautiful Today

Happy Friday, my Beautiful Flowers.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
Mine's been tough, but it's gettin' better every day.
Cliff's Notes Version...
I received a call from my Mama on Sunday, saying that my Uncle (her Brother) was rushed to the hospital in Missouri & that she was leaving asap to go see him. Of course I said "I'm going too" & we got all packed & left first thing Monday morning. We've spent the week at his bedside, & although he was/ a lot of pain...he seemed to be hanging in there & was in good spirits. Then yesterday afternoon, while we were eating lunch...we received the call that he took a turn for the worst & was unconscious & rushed to ICU. They're still not sure if he had a stroke, or what exactly caused this changed. We spent all day with him today in ICU & since he's doing much better (Thank God)...the Dr's said he'll be moved back to his original floor in the morning. So...that's where I've been these last few days, & as much I know you'll all understand...I just never want you to think I'm MIA on purpose, or that I'll ever forget about you. As you can imagine though...I haven't even had a second to be on my computer. So much so, that I had absolutely NO IDEA about the fires in Colorado, & that my Best Friend & her family were one of the many families to be evacuated. She knew what I was going through & didn't even want to call me. Silly Girl. NEVER again, Tam. NEVER again. LOL. Thank the Lord...her house was spared & all of them are just fine & were able to go back home & sleep in their beds tonight. Sometimes it sure is tough growing up, huh? My heart & prayers go out to everyone in Colorado & to all of those who weren't as fortunate. I'll tell you what though...these few days have been such a huge wake up call to never take any moment for granted & to focus all our energy on the only thing that matters in this world...Love. Love one another & be there in their time of need. On this crazy roller coaster we call life...sometimes we're on top, but in a split second...the bottom is right under our feet. Take some time in your days to walk a little slower, smell the roses, & truly enjoy all the beauty around you. After all...not one of us is promised tomorrow, so be sure to make it count! I love you all & wish you the sweetest of dreams. Hold your loved ones extra tight & make sure to count your blessings. Life truly is a gift.
To end on a happier note...
Don't forget to enter both of my Giveaways going on right now! 
They are adorable & I just love to give back to all of you!
Thank you for being the wonderful, beautiful blooms you all are & for adding so much sunshine to my life! 
I am truly grateful.
Thank you for all of your entires & love so far, & again...just as soon as I can...I will respond to all your sweet comments. 
I really appreciate your patience & understanding.

May God protect & watch over each & every one of you.

Sleep With The Angels,


Jill of All Trades said...

Life can be a bunch of curve balls. Glad your uncle is doing better. Those wild fires are so very scary.

Tammi said...

The beauty of our friendship/sisterhood is that I didn't need to call you to know you were there for me. You were in my heart, in my mind, telling me everything was going to be ok. I have never been through an event that even compares to the past couple days, and it TRULY, honestly, has made me more appreciative for everything I have more than ever. I love you so very much, and always will. <3

Veronika said...

Thank you so much, Sweet Jill. Yes it can, but it's wonderful people like you that can get us through anything! =) Thank you for being here & for sharing your beautiful heart. Means the world to me. Happy Friday! XO always know EXACTLY the right words to say to melt my heart. I couldn't agree more & I love you to the ends of the earth. "Welcome Home", Sweetheart. Thank God you're all safe. I will continue to pray for everyone else. I can't even begin to imagine. =( I love you so so much! XO

Veronika said...

Oops...sorry Carla...I just assumed & couldn't find your name anywhere on your blog. =) My bad. I'll go follow now! =) XO