Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sexy Little Dress Up

How ADORABLE are all these outfits?
I'm in LOVE & had to get a few to play!
Since I'm probably not dressing up this year, not really anything to do yet...I was so jealous & wanted to stock up for next year!
And...our 1 year anniversary is coming up, so I just had to order the Bride one, for our second Honeymoon in Hawaii! He He. So fun! And since we do live in Texas know I had to get the Cowgirl, and...since I am obsessed with all things Sailor...I got that one too! Ha Ha. And I am still eyeing that adorable Flight Attendant! What can I say...I love to play dress up! Some things never change! I think I like it even more than Hubby! LOL!
But...what I wanna know from you Dolls is...what are you dressing up as? And...what are your big plans?
In a perfect ideal Halloween would be...going to an awesome dress up party the weekend before & then the night of...watching scary movies, all cuddled up with B & passing out candy to all the adorable angels that show up on my doorstep. 3 party, B hates scary movies, & no kids at all in our neighborhood!
That is why...I'm living through you this year!
Plans, Pictures...Pretty Please. house sure looks cute & festive! All dressed up & no place to go! Ha Ha.
Pictures coming soon!

Have a beautiful day, Sweethearts & don't forget...just 2 more days to enter my insanely awesome "Gorgeous Ghouls" Giveaway!
It'll run until Friday & all details are here.
You don't want to miss it!


Costumes & Candy,


sarahbert said...

These are all gorgeous! I like the ballerina the best I think, so fun and girly! Although the naughty devil is lot's of fun too. Oh Vicky' fun and so tempting...and so bad for my paycheck!

Veronika said...

Ha Ha. SERIOUSLY. I know. I know. =) You really can't go wrong with any of them, huh? =) TOO cute! Glad you like them too! XO