Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Sunday, Sweethearts.

Happy "Sunday Sweethearts", Beautiful Dolls!

Thank you so much for joining me on my "Sunday Sweethearts" link-up!
I'm so excited to have you with me!

The inspiration behind this, is a day to share ALL the things that happened during the previous week...that made your heart...a little sweeter.

I wanted to start this "movement", in hopes that everyone who reads these precious moments...will inspire each other to love a little more, and to become aware of the impact a simple act of kindness/love...really does have on our lives. We all can make a difference., no matter how small, and I truly believe that love really does...make life worth living. No matter what each of us are going through...when you surround yourself with love & goodness...the world absolutely gets a whole lot sweeter.
It's my little version of "Paying It Forward".

I would love nothing more, than for you to join me on this touch, inspire, & of course...make many lives as we possibly can!

How awesome would that be!!!

I can't wait to begin this crusade with all of you & to make the world ♥ at a time!


Here are mine this week....

1. When I saw this on Kori's (Blonde Episodes) Page

A special shout to my gorgeous, thoughtful, truly amazing friend Veronika of Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams! She just sent me the most fabulous birthday gift yesterday and I am so touched. If you have never visited her blog, you owe it to yourself to do so immediately. Her blog is eye candy for all bloggers! Please go add her now and tell her I sent you. You won't regret it! Love you soooo much friend!!!! xoxo

& of course...our Tweets back & forth!
Made my entire day & I couldn't love her more!
Thank you, Kori!
You're a Doll & I'm so happy we're friends!

2. Fly Fly Little Wing

This poor, sweet little birdy...flew up on our deck & right into our glass windows! Poor little guy. As soon as I heard the noise, I saw him (maybe it's a girl, but I call it a him), and we wasn't moving away from me, so I knew I had to help. I found a shoebox, made it a cozy home for him, and took him to a warm, safe place. It was really windy that day, so the wind was blowing him like crazy. Just in front of our outside patio furniture, on our deck...was a warm, safe spot. I kept coming outside to check on him & pet him, and he was just curled into this ball & sound asleep. The last time I went to check, an hour later...I opened the lid a little more...and he hopped right out! Yeay! He was gonna be ok! 
A few more hours later...he flew away.

3. Another Birthday Flower Delivery

How beautiful are these? Got them from our AMAZING financial planners & oh so special friends! I love & appreciate you all! Thank you so so much!

4. Coon Stake Out

Ok so we have these 4 adorable baby coons that live (somewhere) in our backyard, that we just discovered a few weeks ago! We first spotted them on our deck & of course...have been feeding them ever since! We want they to stay as long as possible! They are the cutest things you've ever seen & enjoyment for the whole family! D & them & wait for them every single night! It's the most adorable thing...ever! I kid you not...I will look for them at night & there they are. Right by the back sliding door...waiting for their little friends to arrive. I took the cutest picture of their backs, waiting for them...but it somehow got deleted. get the idea. Dolce + Gabbana = ADORABLE! He He.

5. D&G Love

Dolce helping Mommy Blog.

D & G Slumber Party in the office...while Mommy works.

Every every way...they make my heart smile.
Mommy loves you babies.

6. Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

My favorite all time Starbucks drink! LOVE this time of year & love love love these! And since we went through the drive-thru & since I'm a wierdo & love my name on things...I made B write my name for me! He He. Don't worry...we both know I'm a freak!

Today is serious rainy day schedule here & I'm loving every second of it!  Getting ready to take pictures of the house to post (finally) & then...get all my Halloween decoratoring done! LOVE this weather for that! So excited for today! Hope you all have a beautiful day & that it's spent, doing what you love...with those that you love.

Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who join me! I love & appreciate you...all!
Please grab the button code from my sidebar, insert it into your post, and then join the link-up below! Can't wait to see what made your heart...a little sweeter!

Happy Sunday, Beautiful!
Warm hugs to you!

Sweethearts Unite !


Heather said...

Awe...I love D & G. This is the first time in my life that I haven't had a kitty. :( My stepson is allergic. Those are so cute! And those racoons! Mama, you are in the country now! Avery and I did our Halloween decorating yesterday. We had such a great time. Today, I worked 12 hours with a 45 minute commute each way. Ughhhhhh. I am exhausted. I have to work 12 hours again tomorrow too. Nasty. Then, I have a doctors appt. Tuesday morning. Fall In Love should be interesting this week! HA! Love you too! H

Meghan Richards said...

Aww you guys are too cute! A true inspiration!
Keep up the good work and amazing Blogs!
Blessings, Meg

Veronika said...

Heather...and ONCE AGAIN, managed to do it ALL!!! And not only "do it"...but do it beautifully! =) Just linked up & your post is STUNNING!!! =) Almost finished decorating & will post pics soon & I'd LOVE to see yours too! =) How fun! First time I've ever really had cats. Always dogs (outside dogs). I am WAY TOO OCD to have doggies in my house! =) I want one, but I just can't! =) But yes...A LOT of people are allergic. =( For now...yep...just loving my kitties & my coons! =) I AM in the country, Sweetheart & I love every second of it! =) As soon as I get all my s**t together =) WILL be invited over!!! =) For the WHOLE WEEKEND! We need to seriously catch up!!! =) I love you, Super Woman! =) Have a beautiful day & give Avery a big hug for me! =) XO

Veronika said...

Awww...thank you, Meghan! =) You are too sweet! =) Thank YOU for sharing it with us! Have a beautiful day! XO