Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From Our "Halloween" Home...To Yours.

Hey Gorgeous.
Come on in.
Welcome to our little Halloween Home Tour.
Kick off your shoes. Stay a while. And enjoy some yummy cider & pumpkin pie.
Make yourself at home.

Hope you enjoyed your stay.
"Real" pumpkins...coming soon.
Carving night...coming up!
I'm hoping all of you post your decorations as well. I love seeing what other people do!
Have a beautiful night!

Halloween Magic Is In The Air,


Jenna said... your house is Gorgeous! I love all of your Halloween decorations. I'm looking forward to seeing your carved pumpkins!

Happy Wednesday

daniella said...

Absolutely gorgeous your home and your happy for you both......~Daniella*

Heather said...

WOW!WOW!WOW! Mama!!! You have been busy in the craft room! Everything looks so beautiful! You have a Halloween tree?!? It's GORGEOUS! The little glimpses of your house look phenomenal. It looks like a medieval tuscan castle! My fave! Great details! I know everyone will LOVE this post! You really did an amazing job decorating! I made a little Halloween "sign" for my post but, I haven't even taken my pictures! Little Avery was home sick for three days so, we have been on the couch! I hope to get something together next week! You have a great day tomorrow! I'll be at work. Boo hiss! XO

Anonymous said...

Just amazing- such beautiful decor. I am seriously LUSTING over that Halloween tree! What a GORGEOUS & SMART idea :)

The Original Drama Mama said...

First person I "know" to actually have a Halloween tree - so fun! I have those Boo tea light cups too (Hallmark, I think). Thanks for sharing, my favorite was the harlequin diamonds on the pumpkin - beautiful!

Veronika said... are so sweet! =) Thank you very very much! Had so much fun decorating it! And I will definitely show you when I do them! =) Thanks for being so warm & wonderful! XO this THE Daniella? DG? =) Thank you SO SO much, Sweetheart. What a beautiful thing to say & I appreciate it, and very much. You are always in my heart, and I always wish you the absolute world! Sure hope you are wonderful. XO

Veronika said...

Heather...AWWWWW...Thank you...with ALL of my heart! I have been playing...for sure! =) can tell a lot by these pictures! =) That's exactly what it reminded me of when we first saw it & EXACTLY what sold me on it! =) I LITERALLY feel like I live in a castle! He He. =) Wait until you see the stained glass door! INSANE! =) They did such an amazing job building it! I can't WAIT for you to see it! =) Thank you so much! And...I can't WAIT to see yours either! I KNOW your decorations are JUST as adorable! =) And yes...I am IN LOVE with Christmas Lights & Trees, and I've always wanted to do a Halloween, then Fall/Thanksgiving...& then of course this year I decided was the year! =) It just makes everything so warm & cozy! =) It makes me happy every time I look at it. He He. =) And little Avery...that poor sweet Angel...I pray she is all better now. =( And how wonderful that you were right beside her all those days. What a beautiful Mama you are. I hope she is 100%...asap! A HUGE hug to her & you, of course. =) Hope work is going well & that you're getting SOME rest! =( INSANE hours & still manage to do it all...and do it beautifully. =) You are an inspiration, Mama & I love you so much! Sweet Dreams! XO

Veronika said...

Mommyblogger...awww...thank you so so much! =) Always wanted to make one & was the time! =) The first time is always the expensive part, but the good thing is I can use it every year now. =) Next up...Fall tree! =) So much fun! =) Stay tuned! =) If you make one too...I TOTALLY wanna see it! =) Thanks again, Honey! XO

Veronika said...

Mel...really? =) Me too, though! LOL! =) Never seen one in person & really didn't know what to put on it, but figured I'd just throw it all on there! =) Ha Ha. Thank you so much! And yes exactly...they are from Hallmark...a million years ago! =) Still love them though! Great memory! =) Have a beautiful night! XO