Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Motivational Massage

Happy Monday, Beauties!
Sure hope everyone is having a perfect day/start of the week!
I started my day with an amazing Hot Stone Massage & have been way too relaxed ever since! Not that I am complaining...just saying.

Here's what I decided...I decided I needed/deserved to make my own "fitness incentive goals", not that the fitness is not incentive enough...but just a little something to reward each little achievement & of course...keep me motivated & on track. So...I wrote down each goal I set for myself & at the end of every achievement, I will reward myself & move on to conquer the next. For me...massages are my reward. Nothing is more heaven for me, especially with all the "warmth" that goes along with it- hot towels/stones, heated bed...absolute bliss. I'm one of those girls that's always cold, so I love me some cozy-ness! Blankets, heated seats all year long, sitting in a warm car...I swear I was a lizard in my last life! LOL! Anyway...where was I?  Oh that's what I decided would be my treat. goal down...a few more to go.

I know so many of us are feeling/have felt the very same way & believe me when I tell you "fed up" can be a beautiful thing! If you're on the same "get in bad ass shape" journey with are not alone & I believe in you! Let's not waste one more second...of one more day..not loving the shell where we reside.

How do you reward yourself? Stay on track? Stay motivated? I'd love to know.
We are in this to win this & we can and we it!

Your Eternal Cheerleader,


The Original Drama Mama said...

I am working hard too! Finding the time "me" time at the gym is hard, and mama-guilt can set in, but I am so much happier when I get my work outs in! Rewards= massages, yes! and pedicures.

Heather said...

Great plan with the rewards! I am fed-up too! It was easier being thin when I was single! But, I wouldn't trade it. I need to do something. Maybe a reward system would help me too! These post sure are inspiring! Love them!

Veronika said...

Mel...I couldn't agree more! And...I'm not even a Mom yet! =) Mama's REALLY are SUPERWOMEN! But...I know 100% about putting everyone else first. What we all have to remember though is when we are taking care of ourselves...we are happier & we'll be even better Wives & Mom's, right? =) A Happy Wife... =) And yes...pedicures for sure. =) Oh & BTW...your package should be there any day now! SO excited for you to get it! =) XO

Veronika said...

Heather...Girl...SO SO true about being married, especially when it's to a man who LOVES to grub! =) But...of course...I wouldn't change it either. Well some days...LOL! =) Totally Kidding. =) It seems to be working for me so far. Day far so good! LMAO! =) If only we could just fast forward to the 5 seconds AFTER we eat...and we would never do it again! It's NEVER worth it after those minutes! =) So simple...yet SO difficult to do. But...I wanna be as hot as Marisa, so I better get on it! =) Love you JUST the way you are, but I totally know the need/desire to be your best! =) You can do it & I'll be cheerin' for you! =) XO