Monday, October 10, 2011

Horray For Halloween!

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!
Decorations are out & I am ready to play!
Somehing about fall weather, peppermint mochas, & candles glowing everywhere...make these kind of days...perfect for that!
Happy day & happy start of this brand new week!
Hope all of your hearts are warm & that you always feel as loved as you are.

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You don't want to miss it!

Halloween Hugs,


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

YAY! I LOVE Halloween and fall :)

I was actually thinking about getting a masquerade mask for my costume but not sure exactly what to wear with it. Not sure what kind of dress would work. Any thoughts?

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Love masks and you've shown us some lovelies! Fall is my favorite season! So much to love about it! Have a wonderful week, sweetie! xoxox

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
This Week: Aimee's Grande Paris Adventure Part II "Charmed I'm Sure"

Veronika said... too, too! =) Glad you like them! =) Ummm...if it were me...definitely something "burlesque-ish". =) You know, like a feather corset of some sort, with a cute skirt or something. That's totally what I would wear with it! =) Would be SO SO cute on you! Hope that helps, Honey! =) And if you do dress HAVE to post pics, k? =) We'd all love to see! Have a beautiful day, Honey! XO

Veronika said...

Sandy...You are a Doll & I love seeing your little face on here! =) So happy you love them too & fall...I know. Heaven, right? =) For me now especially since I live in a place with seasons! =) I LOVED California weather, but there's just something about being 90 degrees at Christmas that just doesn't seem right! =) Lovin' me some Texas seasons & the thunderstorms...oh the thunderstorms! =) Have a beautiful day, Sweetheart & as ALWAYS...thank you for your love! XO

jzaya003 said...

These masks are so beautiful! I would love to wear one for an upcoming masquerade party. Any idea where I can purchase them? Thanx!!!!

Veronika said...

OMG jzaya003!!! I am SO SO sorry I am JUST NOW seeing this! =( How sad! =( Thank Goodness I didn't have an answer for you, other than I would look on ETSY, but I am so so sorry. =( Hope it all worked out & hope you were able to find one. Happy 2012, Sweetheart! XO