Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie Night With Your Man

Ok Girls.
Tonight's Movie Night!
If your man hasn't seen these yet...he & you...will love them!
How many times have you sat through a movie that was way too guy...just to spend time with your man?
Well not tonight.
I mean, these are guy...100%, but...I loved them just as much & am hoping you do too!
If you like action, action, & more action, a whole lotta suspense, cleverness, edge of your seat goodness, a couple too...will love these movies!
These are the last movies Hubby & I have seen & I have loved them all. Not just tolerated for love...but really, truly loved!
The trailers give way too much away, so I suggest you don't watch them, but I know some people have to, so if you they are!
All of these movies are 100% Rated R, so please make sure there are no little angels around. Way too graphic! A litttle disturbing, even for me...but you just have to's only a movie.

So...grab your guy & enjoy a night he will love as much as he loves you!

And if you're single, of if you are a guy reading this...if you like this stuff...this is for you too!
Happy Saturday, Lovlies!
Make it a beautiful day!

Movies & Moments,


Angela said...

I've seen (and loved) all of these except for the Mechanic! Thanks for the recommendation, I know what we are renting next! :)

Veronika said...

Awww...SO glad! =) And glad you agree with me! =) I loved them, so I was hoping all of you would too! Yes...Mechanic...fantastic! =) You guys will love it! Happy Saturday, Sweetheart! Have a beautiful weekend! XO

The Original Drama Mama said...

Haven't seen any of these - but may have to check out a few! The husband and I get very few movie nights together (sans kids) - we are hoping to pick something good for Halloween - I hate anything with blood&guts or aliens or bugs, etc: suspense and chills, yes - gore and violence, no. Any suggestions?
PS - is that a pic of your own backyard movie setup? It's incredible - reminds me of what we have out here called Ravinia - concerts under the stars.

Veronika said...

Hey Mama. Umm...ok then DEFINITELY NOT any of these movies!!! =) I was trying to think of a movie that fits that...all day yesterday. No luck yet though. =) All my favorites have some kind of yucky in them! SHOOTER, TAKEN, ... I'll keep thinking though. And you are so freakin cute...I WISH that was my movie set up! =) Just a pic from good ol' Pinterest! =) But...Hubby & I HAVE talked about setting up a movie screen like this on our property & this is definitley my inspiration! Maybe next summer. It's gonna get cold soon! =) If I do...I'll definitely post it! =) What you have sounds AMAZING!!! Concerts under the stars, cuddled close to the one you love...heaven. =) Have a beautiful Sunday, Honey. If you didn't get your package yesterday, the mail lady PROMISED it would be there tomorrow! =) XO