Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Gorgeous Dolls! I have missed you. So sorry to be MIA for so long, but I've just been working away! Regular work, and still playing with my house! He He. As soon as I think I'm all done & ready for my big reveal...I come up with another crazy idea & have to finish that one last thing...too! But the one I'm working on now is favorite "project"...EVER! My craft room! A complete room full of "Veronika-ness"! Ha Ha. I love love love it! So...hang tight & I'll show you guys very soon. I can't WAIT! There's gonna be a million & one pictures, to be able to show you everything, so I'll just post one room of my house at a time! Coming Soon! 

Hope you've had a wonderful week & that your weekend will be just as perfect! I thought it would be fun to start a "Friday Favorites" post, of all the randomness I'm loving every week! I always love these type of posts, so I hope you enjoy them too! Sales I've found, beauty products I'm loving, my latest obsessions, etc. 

Here are mine this week...

1. Beach Bunny Swimwear
I am OBSESSED! I have more of these bathing suits than any other brand, not just because they are the cutest things on the planet, but most importantly because I love the way they fit. I don't have much of a booty, so the "cheeky" bottoms fit me perfect! Ha Ha. I wish I could wear the bathing suits from Victoria's Secret & other much less expensive ones, but...they all have way too much material in bottoms, & I feel like a little kid again with sand in my booty that sags to my knees! LOL! They are pretty expensive, but if you get them when they have their huge sales, like right can get great deals. They sell out fast, so if you want one of the cutest bathing away!

Here are the 2 new ones I just got...

"Her Majesty"

And this one for wake boarding & any time you want to keep your suit on! Ha Ha. 

"Baby Me Baby"

I also got 2 new towels. How cute are these? Love them! They're pretty cheap too. Each $35. 

Get Your Bunny On! 

2. Urban Decay's Newest Addition
How awesome are these colors? Love them! 

This is Urban Decay's Limited 15 year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection. These colors are beyond amazing! I love that you have neutrals, poppy colors and also darks!! It's a perfect collection. Apparently these are brand new colors that UD has never had out before. But...they are selling FAST! I just ordered mine & they still have some, but have already sold out once. Get yours today at

3. Ice Loves Coco
I am in love with this show & with them! Not at all what I expected, but was more than pleasantly surprised. I'm not even sure what I expected, since I don't know much about either of them personally, but they are one of the cutest, sweetest couples...I've never met! Ha Ha. It's so beautiful to see an "equal" partnership. One where they both seem to love each other the same & are both so good to each other. I look forward to every week! Besides...Coco's as girly & glam as they come, so her world alone is so so fun! Can't wait till Sunday! 

4. Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion's newest addition in "Honey Apple" & Origins "Starting Over" Cream

If you haven't read My Beauty Must Haves post, you can here, & you will know that I am in love with baby lotion & use it every day & was so excited to find a new addition! I brought it home & couldn't love it more! It smells so yummy! You gotta try it! And my new favorite "after shower/before bed" cream...this Origins creation. I love it so much! My skin tends to get "moist" (just sounds so much better than "oily" or "greasy" Ha Ha) in my T Zone, overnight, so I love this because when I wake "moisture" at all! All dry & silky smooth! LOL. It smells like a trip to the spa, so I love that too! So clean & fresh. Oil free & wonderful!  

5. Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory"
Let me just tell you I am OBSESSED with this song! I play it over & over again & I just can't get enough! My favorite ever by her. Perfect to dance to, and awesome to sing to! Plus...just saw her on SYTYCDance, where she performed & judged, and she just seems like the sweetest thing. I love that she is the epitome of unique & in a world where everyone tries to change you...she's one that can't/won't conform! I love it & I love & celebrate her. YOU GO GAGA!!! So...put your 20 in. shoes on & "just dance" your weekend away! 

Happy Friday! 
What are you lovin' this week? I'd love to know! 
Have a beautiful weekend & I'll see you Dolls tomorrow! 

My very favorite is YOU,

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