Saturday, March 12, 2011

Road Trip Treats

We are finally home from our HUGE Texas adventure & we ate SO many yummy things along the way! Why is it that when you're driving, especially for 2 days is just A MUST to snack, snack snack! Ha Ha. With all that eating, it's important to find healthier treats, otherwise you end up carrying EVEN MORE BAGGAGE...YOURSELF! Ha Ha! Here are some of my favorite Road Trip, or anytime snacks! I even take these things to movies with me too! Otherwise you are FORCED to eat popcorn with ten pounds of what they like to call...butter, nachos piled with canned cheese & Jalapenos (my fave)...or anything else coated with fat, fat & more fat! Ha Ha! Here are a few "healthier" options...

PIRATE'S BOOTY white cheddar "popcorn"
QUAKER Cheddar/Caramel Baby Rice Cakes
WASABI Flavored DRIED EDAMAME (makes your nose run & you eyes water like CRAZY, but I just can't get enough of it! HA HA! )
CRYSTAL LIGHT-PURE to add to water bottles
JIM BEAM BBQ Flavored Sunflower Seeds (BEST SEEDS...EVER!)
RVL Bars (Monavie's OH SO YUMMY Berry/Yogurt Bars)

And look at how cute the inside is! Even has SPRINKLES!!! Ha Ha! LOVE it! 

And Last...but not least...our very good friend Mia's...BOMB Jerky! Best you've ever had!

So pack your bags & set off on an adventure! It REALLY is A LOT of fun! The MOST IMPORTANT part to bring along someone you REALLY like. Otherwise...your few day trip...with feel like a few YEARS!!! Ha Ha! 

Happy & Safe Travels,

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