Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Me...I Have You

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Beautiful One!

How very "lucky" I feel to wake up with the love of my life right next to me, in our beautiful home, listening to D&G waking up & calling for us, to be working jobs I love, surrounded by the world's best Family & Friends, to be healthy & happy...

Sometimes, many times...I really do feel like I have to pinch myself. To be able to say, with all sincerity, that so far...every dream I ever dreamed...really has come true...there really are no words & I never take any moment for granted.

I hope & pray that the hearts of you reading this are just as "lucky" & that the world around you will continue to be as beautiful to you, as you everyone in it. That REALLY is the secret. Be as loving, giving, faithful, honest, you can possible be & the world REALLY TRULY will give the very same back! It's AMAZING how crazy it works! If you haven't had much "luck" so far...try it...and you will see! Life really is everything you make it. Nothing less. Nothing more. It really is up to you.

So...go out there & discover all that is meant for you! There's no suck thing as luck! Luck is you...creating & living your own destiny. 

"If it's gonna's up to me!"

Happy Happy Day!

Your Rainbow and Pot of Gold...Await.

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