Saturday, March 3, 2012

My "Not So" Strange Addiction.

Ok so we all love to shop right, so that's not so strange...but to shop without ever leaving your house...the greatest invention since sliced bread! Especially when you're shopping for the cutest, designer, oh so fab things...for a fraction of the "real" price! I've posted before (here & here) about my obsession with websites such as HAUTELOOK, RUE LA LA, IDEELI, etc...but obsession has gone to a new level! Ha Ha. I've already started stockin' up for Christmas gifts & have stashes for baby gifts, housewarming parties, etc. Just to give you more are just a few of the amaze things I've gotten. All of these sites require "memberships", but don't cost a thing. You just need an "invite" to join. So...if you don't already have your own on the names below & you'll be personally invited by me! Then...when you invite your friends &'ll get free $$$ (credit)...applied to your site! So so fun! Sounds kinda confusing, but I promise it's not. Just click on my links below & the rest will be self explanatory! You will die! Every single day there are new sales & all different products. From Clothes, Shoes, Accessories (Men, Women & Kids), Home Decor, Furniture, Pet Supplies, Exercise Stuff, Travel discounts...they have it all! Don't see anything you like the first day...don't worry...every day is different & every day...a new addiction begins! Ha Ha. I'm honestly not trying to promote spending into oblivion, but...if you're gonna shop...I'm ALL about a deal! And awesome deals at that! So...without further are some of my treasures!

And...if you're "Feelin' Lucky" & are in the mood for some awesome, free stuff...enter my St. Patty's Giveaway here!

Happy Shopping, Gorgeous!

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