Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh My Mila!

Ok so not only am I obsessed with all things carnival-ish (the bright bold colors, the fun, the carousel horses, the...everything)...could this girl be any more gorgeous! Stunning as always & such a fun spread! Work it girl!

A beautiful face wrinkles & sags with time; but a beautiful heart withstands the ages. And as my Mama says, "Pretty is as pretty does." Be Beautiful. ♥

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Have a perfect day, Beauties!

All My Love,

1 comment:

peniam said...

I agree with you, Mila is gorgeous!! It's definitely one of my favourite actresses!!! And she a new muse of Dior, I can see a loooot of advertisements of Dior's purses here in Paris! I <3 it! :)