Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gorgeous Jess.

There's just something about a pregnant woman's body & of course, glow...that I find to be so so beautiful, so when I saw these upcoming Elle pictures...I just had to share. How gorgeous is this girl? I've always loved her & have always rooted for her! Poor girl has been through so much & always gets criticized. Super skinny...or a little more weight...she is stunning. I wish her every happiness. She deserves it. At least I think she does. Ha Ha. Talking like we're homies & stuff. LOL! YOU GO GIRL! Speaking of girl...that's what she's having. Congratulations to her! 

On the topic of Mommies-to-be...while playing on Hautelook this morning (told ya I was obsessed)...I saw/fell in love with/ordered...these adorable necklaces to have on hand when someone I know & love is expecting! 

How cute, huh? I love them! They're made by Jordann Jewlery, but they are much cheaper right now on Hautelook. Here's my link again, if you wanna join (for free).  And if you missed's my post where I talked about all these amazing online sites & showed you all my treasures! You will die! AMAZE deals & the cutest stuff...ever! 

Have a beautiful night, Everyone & don't more day to enter my St. Patty's!

For the Love of Some Awesome Deals & Gorgeous Mama's Everywhere,

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