Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!!! Summer Simplicity.

It's Wednesday, Dolls! Time to start pinning!!! If you've never heard of PINTEREST, click on my "peppermint" link, on the right side of my page, that reads, "PIN ME". It'll all make sense. It's just a place to store everything you love. Kinda like a virtual collage. Or many virtual collage boards. A lot of fun! So...every Wednesday we all team up with the beautiful Michelle from THE VINTAGE APPLE, and "pin" our favorites from our boards each week! This week I'm dedicating my post...and my all of the wonders & simplicity of summer! Along with this song that I am LOVING right now! ALWAYS makes me smile & think of a place very warm...with my toes in the sand & a fruity drink in my hand! Ha Ha. Hope it does the very same for you. So sit back, relax & unwind for a minute...and let's all pretend we're on a beautiful sunny beach somewhere...together. How fun would that be? Come on...let's go! 

Lovin' My Summer Girls,


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Loving all of these pins! They make me want to head to the surf and sand :) Sunday I was at the beach and posted lyrics from "Knee Deep" as my fb status. Can't get enough of that song!

Veronika said...

Awww...I am SO glad! =) Thank you so so much! I am right with you on that, girl! =) That's awesome! Me either! =) Have a PERFECT day! XO

"Say What?" said...

I haven't been on Pinterest in FOREVER! MUST . FIX . THAT! Loved your post, and loved your blog visit.

Be blessed this week, Sista!

Veronika said...

Ha Ha. I understand completely! JUST recently started playing more! =) VERY time consuming, but oh so fun! =) Thank you so so much & glad to have stopped by to get a few extra rays of sunshine from you! The very same to you, my friend! Thank you! XO