Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hey Beauties! Happy Friday! 
About 2 weeks ago, I started a Friday Favorites Post & hopefully you guys like these type of posts, as much as I enjoy reading them! It's always fun to see what other people are loving at the moment & what deals they have found, etc. So please feel free to share your "Friday Favorites" with me as well! I'd love to know what you're lovin', or what fun treasure you've discovered! 

Here are mine for this week...

1. Unexpected Acts of Kindness

After my daily post on Facebook/Twitter yesterday, which read...

"Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts. ♥ Wishing you a day as beautiful as you! XO"

...we received a knock on our door last night & saw 2 of THE CUTEST Little Angels you've 
ever seen...holding these in their hands. Our new Neighbors/Friend's beautiful Daughters, Lexi & Tori...made them for us! And not just made them- HOME MADE them! You have NO IDEA how touched we were & how much it made my heart melt. Not to oh so yummy they were! Yes, were. They're long past gone! Ha Ha! My Mom makes the best home made pound cake & these tasted EXACTLY the same! Great Job, Girls! But sweet is this? I just LOVE LOVE LOVE wonderful, thoughtful people! I can't remember the last time someone made ME treats, so it was a wonderful, heart string pullin', made my night, kinda surprise! I love & appreciate you both & I'm SO happy we're Neighbors, but more importantly...Friends. A HUGE Hug to both of you! MUAH! 

2. BANFI Rosa Regale, sparkling wine. 

Ok so these same Little Angels/Master Bakers I was just speaking so highly of, Mama's Birthday was on Sunday, so because she rocks and B & I love her (fruit doesn't fall far from the tree)...we wanted to take them all (Mama, Dad & Angels) out to dinner to celebrate! So...of course...we picked our favorite restaurant in Texas (so far) called BRAVO. Or so we thought. We were so excited to share with them & introduce them to a place they've never been before that has the best Italian food...and then...we pull up & it's gone. Not the building, but the name. What the heck is BRIO & where the heck is our BRAVO? LOL! You should have seen the looks on their faces. Being "brand new" friends & all...they thought we'd lost it! Bravo this, Bravo that...they were so confused! No one more than B & me, but...I knew they just had to have changed it & forgot to send us the rude! Ha Ha. forward all night & the food was amazing & the company was even better! We just ADORE this family! Still Italian, but also some fish & steak, which made B a very happy man! Meat + Potatoes = Heaven! After the meal, our desserts & Mama's birthday treat were served with this AMAZE wine that is paired with chocolate. Ok, let me just tell you...I was in heaven! I am not really a drinker at all. Not a fan of the taste of any gasoline related drink, but this wine was different. It was so sweet & heavenly! Forget the chocolate...send me the wine! B asked if we could buy a bottle to take home (God, I love him), but the waiter was an absolute doll & he said we could get it way cheaper at the grocery store, so that's what we did! If you love sweet will die! Not sure if they sell it everywhere, or if it's just a Texas thing, but I would definitely ask! I just had a little shot at dinner, but am looking forward to a celebration to cheers to! YUM-ME! 

3. Miss September Wine Glass

B got me this adorable little wine glass to go with my new favorite wine! Awww...
This one came from a little boutique by us, but if you want to be a Calendar Girl can get one here. How cute is this? And I don't wanna make you all gag, cute is HE??? Ha Ha. Love him & wanna squeeze him to death! LOL! Thank you so much, Baby! We'll celebrate later! Wink! 

4. Cotton Candy

I'm obsessed! Found a gigantor box on Amazon, so you know I had to hook me up! I just adore this little, pure sugar piece of heaven! Cotton sure are "Dandy"! 

5. My Backyard Bliss

This is one of my very favorite places of our new home/yard! With these feeders & bath...all of God's creatures come to visit, & I couldn't love it more! B & I sit out here for hours & watch all the beautiful birds (every color of the rainbow), squirrels, deer... and it feels like our very own Disney movie! Ha Ha. When I'm watering, well..."bucketing" our birdbath (A HUGE drought in Texas right now & at our house it's so bad we can't water outside at all. Just able to fill our pool)...I sing to my audience of "friends". Ha Ha. Giselle ain't got nuthin' on me! Now if only Pip would stop by...I would be ecstatic! 

I LOVE or hammock & CAN'T WAIT to hook up some electricity outside, so we can go from this...

to this...

Could you just die? Absolute Heaven. My favorite guy + my brand new favorite wine = A Perfect Night.

Happy Friday, Gorgeous Dolls! 
Hope it's a start to a beautiful weekend!

My very favorite is YOU,


KayMarie said...

OMG!! I LOVED Bravo and I was at La Cantera the other day and saw it had changed as well!!! I was very shocked because it was ALWAYS crowded and the food was so delicious!! I am glad ya'll enjoyed it, I'm going to have to try it now!! Oh the hammock with all the lights would be so lovely and relaxing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy that new wine you and Bobby discovered!! :)

Veronika said...

Hi Beautiful! Thanks so much for your comment & of course...for reading! =) I know, right? Bravo was AMAZING & one of our very favorite places to visit on our Texas trips! =) So crazy that it's gone. This new places is really good, but of course...just not the same. If you don't compare the will love it & of gotta try the wine! =) YUM-ME! I am IN LOVE with that hammock! =) It just looks like heaven, huh? =) Now if only the bugs wouldn't eat me alive...PERFECT! =) We had a great one. Very chill. =) Hope you guys did as well. Thank you so much for your love & support! Have a beautiful week! XO

Kori Donahue said...

Love this!!!! Wouldn't that be the perfect date?! Kori xoxo

Veronika said...

Absolutely, Kori. Heaven. =) XO

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