Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rent The Runway

Hey Gorgeous Ones. Happy February!
With Valentine's Day right around the corner & special occasions happening every single's a place & a way to SHINE!
If you've never heard of RTW, it's exactly like Netflix, but with dresses & accessories!
But not just any dresses & accessories...designer ones, Dolls. 
It's 100% free to "sign up" & you don't pay a thing...unless of course you wanna rent.
No obligations. No requirements.
All the details are on the website of course (link below), but here's a little more info for you.
I'm in no way affiliated with them...just always wanna share awesome stuff with my girls! 

If you wanna know all about it & feel like a million dollars at your next special here, Loves.


If you haven't's a Glam Giveaway For You!

And because I love you so...

Here's to you & living as Glam as you deserve to live!


Bella Mosqueda said...

I still haven't tried this out but I've heard so much about it! I love the idea :)

Join my galaxy leggings giveaway! 2 DAYS LEFT!

Hello Fabulous said...

I tried Rent the Runway once for a friend's bachelorette in NYC - I loved the experience, and would definitely go again - almost used it for New Years Eve but the dress I decided on was already 'sold out' for that date. What have been your favorite dresses?

Brittany Taylor said...

I use this all of the time!!! :)